Will Muschamp Stops Practice Again to Remind Linemen Not to Block Each Other

Florida Gators head football coach Will Muschamp stopped practice several times again today to show his offensive linemen that they were blocking each other and to urge them to try ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Will Muschamp Poses with “I LOVE BIG SACKS” Gators Fan Lady

SCROTUMS didn’t fit on the shirt, I guess. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Florida Gators Calendar Features Aaron Hernandez for July 2014

Despite what the calendar says, July 4th is not Independence Day for Aaron Hernandez. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Florida Gators Fan Makes Horrid FSU “Royals” Parody Song

College students, please stop making parody songs. You’ll never get a job. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: WCJB TV in Gainesville Didn’t Have Rights to Florida-Dayton, So They Reenacted It

Now that we have sleeved basketball jerseys, khaki basketball pants are surely the next innovation. Continue Reading →
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Jim Nantz asks CBS intern if “They Gators done!” would be a hip reference if Florida wins NCAA title

CBS broadcaster Jim Nantz will begin calling his 24th NCAA Tournament for the network this week and is busy preparing for the three-week tournament, researching teams, talking to players ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: This Photo Explains Why Florida Gators Football is Now Awful

At least he has his teammate contained. They can build from this. Continue Reading →
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Authorities Call Lack of Recent Crimes by Florida Gators “Suspicious”

Law enforcement officials in Florida and throughout the nation say they are on high alert due to the recent lack of criminal activity by current and former Florida Gators football players. “It’s ... Continue Reading →
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How 5 Famous Crimes Are Connected to Florida Gators Football

1. Jimmy Hoffa’s Disappearance As the legend goes, Jimmy Hoffa is buried under the one of the end zones at Giants Stadium. Hoffa disappeared between the 1974 and 1975 NFL seasons, ... Continue Reading →

Aaron Hernandez Finally Admits That Urban Meyer Killed All Those Guys

Former New England Patriots and Florida Gators tight end Aaron Hernandez admitted to prosecutors in Rhode Island today that Urban Meyer, his former Gators head coach, is really the ... Continue Reading →

SEC Baseball is Not for Kids

Is that about a new catcher’s glove? Continue Reading →

Louisville Fan Has Sign Zing for Florida

Just don’t let Will Muschamp see that sign or prepare to die. Continue Reading →

State Cop Assigned to Will Muschamp Prefers Charlie Strong

Policemen are like the refs of life. Continue Reading →

Inbounds Pass from Hell

Non-textbook bounce pass. Continue Reading →

It’s to Give a Fair Shot to Tim Rex Tebow Grossman

Granted, Rex Grossman has proven to be a failure, but high-level logic is a post-graduate course at Florida. Continue Reading →

Terrifying Florida Gators Fan

Hey, dude. Give me back my soul. Continue Reading →

Suggested “College GameDay” Signs of the Week: Florida at Tennessee

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Suggested “College GameDay” Signs of the Week: Florida at Texas A&M

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