16 Photos of Kate Upton Sort of Related to Sports, Thereby TOTALLY Justifying Them Being on a Sports Site

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Mount Rushmore Presidents Debate Their Mount Rushmore

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VIDEO: T.J. Oshie Mashed Up with the “Again” Scene from ‘Miracle’

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Winter Olympics Sports Ranked by How Likely You’d Die Doing Them

14. Curling Death Chance: Very Low It’s basically bowling on ice. Don’t slip and crack your head and you should be okay. The biggest risk to your health might be getting ... Continue Reading →

Sochi 2014 Olympics Pickup Lines

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Michael Sam’s Draft Stock Skyrockets Over Reports Some NFL Players Will be Uncomfortable Blocking a Gay Man

Missouri defensive end Michael Sam was expected to be a mid to late-round selection in April’s NFL Draft. Then after revealing that he is gay, some NFL front office staffers felt ... Continue Reading →

8 More Sports America Should Invent to Win More Winter Olympic Medals

1. Ice Basketball The USA is the best at basketball. (Suck it, other nations.) The only problem is that basketball is confined to the Summer Games. Making ice basketball would change ... Continue Reading →

Brief Descriptions for Each Winter Olympic Sport

Alpine Skiing For rich kids who took their family ski vacations really seriously.  Continue Reading →

The Top 2014 College Football Recruits Ranked by Entertaining Name

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What Your Favorite NFL Teams Says About You

AFC Houston Texans: You can’t believe it was just months ago that you thought this team could win it all. What a fool you were! A fool! You’re still struggling to come ... Continue Reading →

The Funniest Photos from the 2013-2014 NFL Season

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Honest NFL.com Headlines: Super Bowl XLVIII

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How the Super Bowl XLVIII Outcome Will Impact Player/Coach Conventional Wisdom

Peyton Manning If the Broncos win: Simply the greatest quarterback in the history of football. If the Seahawks win: A choker who just can’t get it done in the playoffs. Richard ... Continue Reading →