How Fantasy Baseball is Essentially a New Relationship

    Life is great!  You’ve gotten back into the game and it’s exhilarating.  You’re beginning to feel feelings you haven’t felt in a long time. ... Continue Reading →

Steve Abstaining from Sex During Fantasy Season Again

Your friend Steve is abstaining from sex for yet another fantasy sports season, keeping up a tradition of his that dates back years. Continue Reading →

30 Best Fantasy Baseball Team Names of 2014

Thanks to SportsPickle’s Facebookers for help in compiling this list. Tough Actin’ Tanakas Billy Beane is Not My Lover Puigs in a Blanket Straight Cashner, Homey Honey Nut ... Continue Reading →

Kevin Still Setting His Fantasy Baseball Lineup Every Day

Much to the surprise of everyone else in his fantasy baseball league, Kevin is still setting his lineup every day – and has been since the start of the season back on April 1st. ... Continue Reading →

I’m Starting to Think the Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball Guy is Having a Bad Season

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25 Signs That Your Fantasy Baseball Team Sucks

*1*. Your first two picks were Albert Pujols and Alex Rodriguez. 2. You aren't the person in your league who drafted Adam Dunn in the last round as a joke. 3. You failed to stock ... Continue Reading →

Hate Crime Has Hurt Delmon Young’s Fantasy Value

He’s still a strong pickup in leagues that award points for hate crimes and anti-Semitism. Continue Reading →

Why All of Your Fantasy Baseball Picks SUCK

SP *Roy Halladay* – Roy Halladay will be 35 this season. Barring Clemensian levels of steroids, pitchers start going in the toilet in their mid-30s. "But, no! Not Roy Halladay! ... Continue Reading →

U.S. Forces Take Control of Osama Bin Laden’s Fantasy Baseball Team

According to high-ranking U.S. intelligence sources, American officials are currently managing Osama Bin Laden's fantasy baseball team — Allah Way Around The Bases — ... Continue Reading →

Fantasy Baseball Team Names for Any Interest

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Owners Vote to Contract George Steinbrenner’s Fantasy Team

Major league baseball owners voted last night to contract George Steinbrenner's fantasy team, "The Boss' Boys", and reassign the players on his team via a dispersal ... Continue Reading →

The 7 People in Every Fantasy Baseball League

Fantasy baseball leagues use many different rules. But every league has the same people. Here they are. #1 – The Loyal Fan Description: His loyalty to his favorite team is unmatched. ... Continue Reading →

12 Tips for Your Fantasy Baseball Draft

1. Play the Name Game Come up with a funny team name. Ideally this name will include a reference to something that's currently in the news but won't seem at all timely by ... Continue Reading →