Rock Skiing

That’s probably bad on the wax job. Continue Reading →

Trampoline Trick Jump Artist

He's even too X for the X-Games. Continue Reading →

Mountain Biker Attacked by Antelope

That antelope clearly had just been drinking out of a stream of Mountain Dew. Continue Reading →

Joey’s Spectacular Bicycle Crash

I'm just glad Joey is OK. Continue Reading →

Hang-Glider Not Enjoying Hang-Gliding

Vomiting only makes you stay up longer because you're lighter. Continue Reading →

X-Gamer Interview Includes Possible Child Abduction

That kid was stolen … TO THE EXTREME! Continue Reading →

World Record Blob Jump

Blobbing looks much more exciting than blogging. Continue Reading →

8 Year-Old Does a 540

Skate or die prematurely early! Continue Reading →

Flying Across the Grand Canyon with a Jet Pack

I suppose it's a cooler way to die than most. Continue Reading →

Dirt Biker Pretty Wimpy About Getting a Branch Through His Face

Oww, bro. Continue Reading →

Finally: Unicycle Football

Wait. I mean … Finally? Unicycle Football? Continue Reading →

This guy had his testicles crushed TO THE EXTREME!

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X-Gamer Tests Positive for Mountain Dew Code Red

X-Gamer Dex Jenkins may have all of the medals he won at this year's competition stripped after he tested positive yesterday for Mountain Dew Code Red. "We need to move extreme ... Continue Reading →