VIDEO: Idiot Nearly Kills Himself Stepping Onto Moving Treadmill

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VIDEO: A Bunch of People Looking Stupid and Getting Hurt Doing CrossFit

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Treadmill Dancing Apparently Now a Thing

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Great Football Footwork/Facework Drill

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Workout Fail Supercut

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Deadlifting 538 Pounds Can be Bad for Your Health

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How to Get a Beach Body in 10 Minutes!

*1. Do a bunch of push-ups* – Before walking out to the beach, you'll want to go into your hotel room's bathroom or find an empty room in your condo and bang out a whole ... Continue Reading →

Little Romanian Kids Will Freak You Out with Their Feats of Strength

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Dumb Person Tries Dumb Thing on Balance Beam

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Morning News Shows are Great for Racial Awkwardness

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Flowchart: Are You Going to Exercise Today?

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A Very Helpful Personal Trainer

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The Rowing Machine Provides a Full-Body Workout if Used Incorrectly

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The Next Fitness Craze: HorseAerobics

Being put out to stud is very good for the abs. Continue Reading →

11 People Who Are Terrible at Working Out

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Exercise Ball of Death

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A Bad Use of Exercise Balls

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The 15 Most Ridiculous Sports Gadgets

#1 — The Potty Putter Forget reading the paper or gathering your thoughts; the time you spend on the toilet gives golfers a valuable opportunity to work on their putting. The ... Continue Reading →