Disappointed Eli Manning Informed His Team Didn’t Win the World Series

A still-glowing Eli Manning was pulled aside at Giants practice today and informed by head coach Tom Coughlin that it was the San Francisco Giants who won the World Series, not the ... Continue Reading →

Eli Manning loves his family.

Also, he remains a huge dork. Continue Reading →

Giants Doctors Unsure if Eli Manning Is Concussed Or Just Really Stupid

The New York Giants medical staff came back from another round of tests on quarterback Eli Manning this morning unsure if the signal caller is experiencing symptoms of a concussion ... Continue Reading →

Eli Manning learns about blood

Eli: Hey! Everybody! There’s ketchup on my face. How did I get ketchup on my face?! Trainer: That’s not ketchup Eli. Eli: Is it strawberry jam? I like strawberry jam. Trainer: ... Continue Reading →

Eli Manning needs a new agent.

Umm … Unstoppable. White liquid shooting at Eli Manning's face is. Is this better or worse for the Giants than Plaxico Burress getting shot in the leg? Shouldn't be ... Continue Reading →

Eli Manning Furious He Didn’t Get a New Plaxico for Christmas

Little Eli Manning threw a tantrum on the Manning Family's living room floor Christmas morning after all the gifts were opened and he realized he wasn't getting the one present ... Continue Reading →

"Eeeeek! Mommy said strangers can’t touch me there!"

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Eli Manning Hoping To Get His Accuracy Badge At Football Camp This Year

Eli Manning is about to head off to New York Giants camp for the sixth time. And as much as the young quarterback looks forward to his time in the upstate New York countryside each ... Continue Reading →