Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants

Cocky Eli Manning Legally Changes His Name to "Elite Manning"

Following in the footsteps of Metta World Peace and Chad Ochocinco, Giants quarterback Eli Manning became the latest athlete to legally change his name, adopting the new moniker "Elite ... Continue Reading →

Eli Manning Caught Practicing Those Faces in a Mirror

New York Giants backup quarterback David Carr stumbled upon Eli Manning this morning in the team's locker room bathroom and was shocked by what he saw. "Eli was standing ... Continue Reading →
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15 Other Words You Can’t Spell Without "ELI"

It was determined that Eli Manning is an elite quarterback earlier this season when someone discovered that you can't spell ELITE without ELI. This is perfect logic. It also begs ... Continue Reading →

Is Eli Manning an elite quarterback?

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State Farm’s New "Discount Double-Check" Commercial

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Eli Manning in the Least Eli Manning Photo Ever

He never saw "Rambo" because his mom doesn’t let him see anything beyond PG-13 movies. Continue Reading →

Eli Manning (Safety) Face

His safety word is "Derp." Continue Reading →

Eli Manning Poses for the Portrait of "Manning Face"

It will hang in the National Derp Gallery. Continue Reading →

Can Eli Manning win a Super Bowl?

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Eli Manning Comments on Brandon Stokley’s Large Package

One day he'll learn about the birds and the bees and realize he said an odd thing. Continue Reading →

"Football Cops" Starring Peyton and Eli Manning

I fear Eli Manning thinks this is real. Continue Reading →

A Very Manning Family Christmas

Scene: The living room of the Manning Family home in New Orleans, Christmas morning. The Manning Family is gathered around the Christmas tree. [[[chat]]]Eli: Gee, thanks for my Sponge ... Continue Reading →

Eli Manning Throws a Press Conference and Nobody Shows

This happens to Cooper Manning all the time. Continue Reading →

Eli Manning Sets a Record for Manning Face

Peyton is really going to have to blow it in the playoffs to top this. Continue Reading →
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Eli Manning Worried Giants’ Bad Game Was Seen by Santa

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning is very upset over his team's stunning collapse against the Eagles on Sunday at the Meadowlands that saw them blow a 31-10 lead in the ... Continue Reading →

Eli Manning Enjoying His Snow Day

"Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Continue Reading →

Eli Manning’s Post-Fumble Face

He also looked like this in his high school graduation photo. Continue Reading →

After 29 Years, Olivia Manning Makes a Difficult Choice

The 90th trimester seems a little late. Continue Reading →