Eli Manning Says “Ya Know” 238 Times During Interview

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Nothing terrifies him more than his chosen occupation of football. Continue Reading →

Eli Manning’s NFL Sunday Ticket Ad Features Prominent Manning Face

They took 1,000 photos and that’s the best one they got. Continue Reading →

Sarcastic Eli Manning’s “Air Quotes” NFL Preview

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Eli Manning Retires After Finding Third Ring in Cereal Box

Less than seven months after Eli Manning led his New York Giants to their second Super Bowl victory in four years, and just weeks before the 2012 regular season is set to begin, the ... Continue Reading →

Victor Cruz and Eli Manning Have a Chat

Eli appears to have put on some weight. His mom needs to make him healthier food. Continue Reading →

Manning Face: The New Generation

Looks like her poopy may have been intercepted by her diaper. Continue Reading →

Ben Roethlisberger Is Not Eli Manning

But Ben Roethlisberger would’ve given Eli Manning wedgies as a child. Continue Reading →

EA Sports Used Eli Manning’s Motion Capture from "SNL"

Sandwiching could really catch on with linemen. Continue Reading →

Eli Manning Has the Worst Wax Statue of All-Time

Maybe that’s Cooper Manning. No one knows what he looks like. Continue Reading →

Is Eli Manning now a Hall of Fame quarterback?

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Eli Manning Has Owned the NFL for Five Decades!

That means he played back when that crappy Manning, Archie Manning, played. Continue Reading →

New York Giants QB Forrest Gump Remarkably Wins a Second Super Bowl

Forrest Gump, the naive, slow-witted, Southern simpleton and starting quarterback of the New York Giants, has accomplished another remarkable feat by winning his second Super Bowl. "He ... Continue Reading →

Coming This Summer, "CSI: Manning"

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Radio City Music Hall

Eli Manning Disappointed by the Quality of Prostitutes in Indianapolis

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning says he is enjoying his time in Indianapolis in the lead up to Super Bowl XLVI, but has found the "quality of whores here to be quite lacking." Despite ... Continue Reading →

The Many Faces and Emotions of Eli Manning

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Eli-Peyton Noogie Tattoo

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Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants

Cocky Eli Manning Legally Changes His Name to "Elite Manning"

Following in the footsteps of Metta World Peace and Chad Ochocinco, Giants quarterback Eli Manning became the latest athlete to legally change his name, adopting the new moniker "Elite ... Continue Reading →