Report: Some Giants Players Think Eli Manning Acts Too White

According to several media reports, there are some players within the New York Giants locker room who believe quarterback Eli Manning acts way too white.  Continue Reading →

PICTURE: NFL Media Hits New Low with “ELI+TE”

Do the Giants have the most ELI+TE quarterback-tight end combo in the NFL? #debate  Continue Reading →

PICTURE: “Madden 15” Realism Features Eli Manning Face

Gaming has never been more real. Or pathetic. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Eli Manning Makes Little Kids Cry

I’m surprised Eli doesn’t get along better with his play dates. His mom is going to have stern words with him. Continue Reading →

The Dramatic Rise and Fall of Eli Manning’s ESPN-Decided ELITEness (2012-2014)

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PICTURE: Eli Manning Has the Manning Face of Super Bowl XLVIII in an Upset

He always performs his best at Super Bowls and this is the latest example. – – – – – Also see …  Eli’s Tips for Big Brother Peyton on Playing ... Continue Reading →

Eli Manning’s Tips to Big Brother Peyton for Playing in the Super Bowl in New York

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Eli Broncos

Broncos Acquire Eli Manning to Start at QB in AFC Title Game Against Patriots

The Denver Broncos announced today that they have acquired Eli Manning from the New York Giants and will start him at quarterback Sunday in the AFC Championship Game against the New ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Best Eli Manning Face Ever

He looks no less stupid than any other time. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: The Official Eli Manning Face of 15 Interceptions Through 6 Weeks

  Sadly, Eli Face has now spread to Giants fans. Continue Reading →

Eli Manning Holds Players-Only Meeting in His Tree House

The New York Giants are 0-4 and have been blown-out in back-to-back games. Quarterback Eli Manning has seen enough and today invited his teammates over to discuss the team’s play ... Continue Reading →
eli carwoo

Report: Eli Manning’s Face Stuck Like That

The face of New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning is reportedly stuck like that after the Giants got crushed 38-0 by the Carolina Panthers to fall to 0-3 on the season. “I don’t ... Continue Reading →
Houston Texans Vs. New York Giants

Shy Eli Manning Nervously Asks Peyton Manning for His Autograph After Game Against Broncos

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning meekly waited outside the visitors’ locker room following his team’s loss to the Broncos on Sunday, hoping to get the autograph of ... Continue Reading →
new cooper

Cooper Manning Tired of Being Disrespected: “Peyton and Eli don’t know shit about energy investment equity”

Cooper Manning, the older brother of NFL quarterbacks Peyton and Eli Manning, made headlines today when he sounded off on his siblings in an interview with the New Orleans Business ... Continue Reading →

Eli Manning on Classic Rap Album Covers

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VIDEO: Peyton and Eli Manning Rapping About Football on Your Phone

Eli is rapping directly to his mom when he talks about spilling “milk all over your blouse.” Continue Reading →

This is Eli Manning Enjoying an Iced Coffee

The charisma is strong in that one. Continue Reading →

Angry Archie Manning Spanks Eli After Peyton’s Bad Game

Peyton Manning's latest playoff failure caused his father to take out some frustration on the rear-end of the youngest Manning boy, Eli, who was spanked nearly a dozen times after ... Continue Reading →