VIDEO: Ed Hochuli Announces the “Los Angeles” Raiders Won the Toss

No doubt the rabid Los Angeles sports fans would support even a horrible team like the Raiders. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Ed Hochuli and the Other Refs Were Stretching Their Balls

Someone of his strength can stretch balls very far. Continue Reading →

Ed Hochuli Receives the Presidential Whistle of Freedom

President Obama awarded the Whistle of Freedom to Ed Hochuli at a White House ceremony this morning. "America could not love and respect you more," the president said. "Unfortunately, ... Continue Reading →

Roger Goodell Has Reduced Ed Hochuli to a Sad Homeless Man

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How Ed Hochuli is Spending the NFL Referee Lockout

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A Rare Photo of Ed Hochuli’s Guns

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I can’t wait to hear the 2nd chapter of this penalty explanation!

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