VIDEO: Michelle Obama Has a Great Dunk Face

Maybe she should be coaching Oregon State. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Dwyane Wade Takes 7 Steps and Doesn’t Get Called for Traveling

Eh. He didn’t travel all that far. Not a major violation here. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Dwyane Wade Cartwheel-Bombs LeBron James

Basketball. Gymnastics. Dwyane Wade is one of our world’s most versatile athletes. Continue Reading →

Dwyane Wade Wears Capri Suit Pants, is Reportedly a Man

Capri pants: the lensless glasses of pants. Continue Reading →

Dwyane Wade Dresses Like Don Cherry and Craig Sager’s Adopted Son

Grandma will be pissed to see what he did to her couch. Continue Reading →

Chris Bosh VideoBombs Dwyane Wade

Or maybe Dwyane Wade videobombed the latest Bosh performance. Continue Reading →

Floridians Think It’s Okay to Kick Someone in the Crotch

Odd, considering their state looks like a penis. Continue Reading →

Dwyane Wade Kicks Ramon Sessions in the Nuts

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Even LeBron Mocked Dwyane Wade’s Stupid Glasses

Lisa Bonet thinks Wade looks cool. Continue Reading →

Dwyane Wade Sets New NBA Finals Record for Looking Stupid

He’s just not cool enough to pull off transitions lenses. Continue Reading →

Glassed NBA Players Believe They Are Cooler Than You

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Philadelphia’s One Sixers Fan Heckles Lebron James

That guy doesn't know how many superstars the Sixers have, nor can he name any of their players. Continue Reading →

Dwyane Wade: Sears Automotive Employee

Even the most wealthy NBA players are starting to get pinched by the lockout. Continue Reading →

Beijing NBA Dance-Off

At least they didn't have to watch the traditional Chinese beatdown dance like Georgetown. Continue Reading →

It’s Funny Because Dwyane Wade is Incredibly Wealthy and Out of Touch

From @DwyaneWade AKA Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade … – – – – – Continue Reading →

Yes, That’s a Wade-Lebron-Bosh Centipede

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Dwyane Wade Humiliates 2008 Defensive Player of the Year

Kevin Garnett's defense is a cancer to his team and the entire league. Continue Reading →

Dwyane Wade Commits Flagrant Foul On Lebron James

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