Drugged Up Kid Doesn’t Want Dwight Howard to Leave the Magic

A Message to Dwight Howard from EPIC—Student Community on Vimeo. He must be the Magic exec who drunk dialed Howard. Continue Reading →

Dwight Howard Dunks on a Giraffe

It probably felt a lot like dunking on Chris Bosh. Continue Reading →

Who is the best player in the NBA?

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Dwight Howard Hits His Head on the Backboard

Many people have this problem in Nerf basketball. Continue Reading →

Dwight Howard Gets Baptized

Wade got Lebron and Bosh this offseason, but Howard got Jesus. Continue Reading →

Having tried and failed with other, more traditional options, the Atlanta Hawks resort to the hack-a-Dwight-Howard-in-the-nuts defense.

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The NBA Defensive Player of the Year trophy will leap off its pedestal and murder you in your sleep.

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NBA Defensive Player of the Year: "The f–k you looking at?"

Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic won his second straight NBA defensive player of the year award today, but refused to accept it at a scheduled press conference. "Nah. No thank ... Continue Reading →

Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard is crushed to death by his massive shoulders after they decide they have grown so big they no longer need the rest

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"But why should I take your advice? You’re just a commercial actor from those Patrick Chewing ads."

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