10 Reasons You Should Root for Duke

1. Seriously? The fact that you even clicked on this link, thinking there could be real reasons to root for Duke — DUKE! — proves you are disgusting. Sub-human. Loathsome. ... Continue Reading →

The most annoying, whiny, unlikable kid in the entire biddy basketball league holds a sign.

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Mike Krzyzewski thanks former President George H. W. Bush for telling him about the existence of aliens at Area 51, which led to Duke’s recruitment of

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Duke Gay

Duke’s men’s basketball team, which has reached the Final Four for the first time since 2004, remains hopelessly and pathetically gay, say many college basketball observers ... Continue Reading →

Duke’s Kyle Singler achieves foulgasm.

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Mike Krzyzewski summons all the demons in hell to help Duke beat Arkansas-Pine Bluff.

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Duke’s Kyle Singler tries to supplant the popularity of the John Wall Dance with the Kyle Singler Dance.

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Highly-Touted Floor-Slapper Commits to Duke

While the Duke Blue Devils look forward to the NCAA Tournament, the program got some great news about next year today when the nation’s premier high school floor-slapper announced ... Continue Reading →

Jon Scheyer’s Weird Game Face

If he keeps it up it’s gonna say stuck like that. Continue Reading →

While in attendance at a Duke-Georgetown game, President Obama gets his approval ratings up to 99-percent by taking to the airwaves with the message t

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"Good win. Do it again and I’ll stab you and no one will be able to see the blood."

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Freshman Starting to Suspect Coack K is Kind of a Dick

Just months into his freshman season with the Blue Devils Duke freshman forward Mason Plumlee is starting to suspect that Coach Mike Krzyzewski might be a total dickhead. Despite Krzyzewski’s ... Continue Reading →

Jon Scheyer’s face attempts to draw a foul against Arizona State in the preseason NIT.

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Feminine Duke Player

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Duke v North Carolina

UNC-Duke Girl Fight

Stop hitting yourself. Stop hitting yourself. Continue Reading →