Crazy Eyes Girl Trying to Steal Coach K’s Soul

Jokes on you, girl: Mike Krzyzewski has no soul. Continue Reading →

Kyle Singler Impressively Flops

Greg Paulus stands and applauds for that effort. Continue Reading →

Duke Players Are As Cool As Ever

He’s Shelden Williams sexy. Continue Reading →

Duke Basketball Rap As Bad As That Sounds

He says this song is for all the Duke haters. It should be for deaf people. Continue Reading →

Jon Scheyer’s Face Stays Like That After Not Getting Drafted

Duke guard Jon Scheyer was predicted to be a second round draft pick by many NBA Draft analysts. But when the final pick was called on Thursday night, Scheyer had been officially passed ... Continue Reading →

President Obama is pictured in a photograph that will undoubtedly be used against him in 2012 as evidence that he pals around with unsavory characters

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Some sign suggestions for Duke fans

Duke fans: not a wildly lovable bunch. Here is a sign a few of them took to the national championship game. Oh. HA! We get it! You're spoiled rich kids living off the success ... Continue Reading →

Iron Man to Take On Mike Krzyzewski in Upcoming Sequel

With the new Iron Man movie,Iron Man 2, set to hit theatres next month, rumors are already circulating about possible storylines for the third installment, set to be released in 2012. ... Continue Reading →

Yeah, Well, Duke Sucks at Football

Duke may have won the 2010 men's NCAA Tournament with a thrilling 61-59 victory over the underdog Butler Bulldogs, but the fact remains that they suck at football, the only sport ... Continue Reading →

After winning his fourth national title, Mike Krzyzewski re-affirms his deal with Satan that requires him to live as a rat in exchange for basketball

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10 Reasons You Should Root for Duke

1. Seriously? The fact that you even clicked on this link, thinking there could be real reasons to root for Duke — DUKE! — proves you are disgusting. Sub-human. Loathsome. ... Continue Reading →

The most annoying, whiny, unlikable kid in the entire biddy basketball league holds a sign.

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Mike Krzyzewski thanks former President George H. W. Bush for telling him about the existence of aliens at Area 51, which led to Duke’s recruitment of

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