VIDEO: Worst High-Dive Attempt Ever

She went full Louganis. You never go full Louganis. Continue Reading →

October’s Funniest Sports Photos

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German Guy Loses Ice Diving Competition

So German people can laugh. Huh. Continue Reading →

Worst Sports Endorsement Logo Placement Ever

They’re Britain’s No. 1 fart manufacturer. Continue Reading →

Olympic Diving Failure

CollegeHumor’s Favorite Funny Videos If Bellyflopping ever gets into the Olympics, he's the favorite. Continue Reading →

Olympic Divers on the Toilet

For world class athletes, they must have terrible diets. Continue Reading →

Faces of Divers are Scarier Than Faces of Death

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World’s Dumbest Person Sets World Record In Shallow Diving

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Cassidy Howell (Watkinsville, KY > Diving)

CASSIDY HOWELL WATKINSVILLE, KY > Diving Howell, 15, a freshman at Watkinsville High, competed at the Junior Nationals in the 14-15 age division and placed out of the top 32, failing ... Continue Reading →

Champion Deep-Sea Diver Ignores Crew Requests to Bring Back Lobster

Portuguese deep-sea diver Poreto smashed the world record for unaided deep-sea diving today, diving over 600 feet down into the Pacific Ocean, despite numerous pleas from his boat crew ... Continue Reading →