VIDEO: Daniel Alfredsson Picking His Teeth Up Off the Ice Like Loose Change

Hmm. Is this one even mine? Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Red Wings Fan Falls Down Like an Idiot

He slipped on ice or an octopus.  Continue Reading →

PICTURE: The Most Festive Hockey Goalie Pads You’ll Ever See

No one will want to hit those cute snowmen with a puck. Better to just shoot the puck into the goal. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Classy Red Wings Girl Gives Double Fingers to Phoenix Coyotes

Her boy pal doesn’t seem quite as fired up about early regular season hockey. Continue Reading →

Henrik Zetterberg Hates Pierre McGuire

He lost the playoffs, but he won at life. Continue Reading →

Red Wings Fan Jiggles Her Breasts to Pass the Time

It's as good as any other hobby. Continue Reading →

Patrick Kane Kicks a Guy in the Crotch with His Skate

It's the most athletic way to get circumcised. Continue Reading →

Michigan Hopes You Enjoyed Sidney Crosby’s Career

Well, it would help the Red Wings win more Cups. Continue Reading →

Magic Goalie Appears Out of Nowhere

His talents would probably be more useful as a goalie. Continue Reading →

This Detroit House is a Big Red Wings Fan

Hey, it’s Detroit. Property values can’t go down much more. Continue Reading →
traces of ice-skating on ice rink

Severed Head Re-enters Game to Score Key Goal in NHL Playoffs

Detroit Red Wings forward Johan Franzen had his head lopped off early in the team's Game 2 match-up against the Phoenix Coyotes. But after team physicians were not able to reattach ... Continue Reading →

Hockey Player Removes His Teammate Like Garbage

Kronwall was a few seconds away from putting Eaves out of his misery with a skate blade to the neck. Continue Reading →

Jaroslav Halak Scores on Amazing One-Timer

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