Lions Fans Feeling Pretty Confident

They probably also think the Pistons will be good, so take it with a grain of salt. Continue Reading →

Jim Schwartz is Profane in Victory

Boom goes the motherf-king dynamite! Continue Reading →

Are you rooting for the Bills and Lions?

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Alternate Ndamukong Suh Jersey

There’s one U for every time he’s been fined. Continue Reading →

Which NFL team had the best draft?

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Lions Player Tells Dolphins Fan to Service Him In an Intimate Manner

Can't blame him. Lions players don't know how to act after winning. Continue Reading →

Jim Schwartz Celebrates Like a Guy Who Wins Infrequently

He should get penalized for excessively lame celebration. Continue Reading →

Drew Stanton Does the Dougie, Further Humiliates the Lions

That was the 0-16 of Dougies. Continue Reading →

Ndamukong Suh Can’t Kick

Stupid Lions. This is why you don't draft a kicker in the first round. Continue Reading →

Leave it to the Lions to Celebrate TDs Like Carlton Banks

Detroit fans have been waiting years for them to become Will Smith. Continue Reading →

This is how some players get calls.

The Lions have to try anything to win. Continue Reading →

Matthew Stafford and His Shoulder Announce Trial Separation

Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, has announced he is separating with his shoulder of 22 years, the right one. p. "It's ... Continue Reading →

"They play like witches. We should burn them."

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