VIDEO: Some Irish People Watching an NFL Game

On Jay Cutler: “That is the saddest man I’ve ever seen playing a sport.” Nailed it! The Irish understand American football perfectly. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Detroit’s Stephen Tulloch Injures Himself Celebrating

This was bound to happen. Detroit Lions have almost no practice with celebrating. Continue Reading →

Detroit Lions Draft Crying Man on Telephone

With the tenth pick in the 2014 NFL draft, The Detroit Lions chose a crying man who was talking on the telephone. It is not known what the man was crying about or why the Lions would ... Continue Reading →

The No-Longer-Employe Titus Young Graces the Cover of Detroit Lions 2013 Calendar

Another proud moment in Detroit Lions history. Continue Reading →

Ndamukong Suh Practicing New Finishing Move for This Year’s Thanksgiving Game

Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh says he has prepared a finishing move he trusts will be effectively lethal, unlike the botched foot stomp move he used in the 2011 Thanksgiving ... Continue Reading →

Matthew Stafford Face

He can’t see how bad he looks. So that’s a positive. Continue Reading →

New NFL Player Pants Great at Revealing Player Butts

Big deal. Everyone always imagines linemen naked anyway. Continue Reading →

The OFFICIAL NFL Wildcard Weekend Drinking Game

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Subway to Release New Ndamukong Suh-Inspired Human Meat Sandwich

Subway announced today that the sandwich chain is set to release a new sub made with human flesh, named the "Soylent Club", which will be marketed exclusively with Subway ... Continue Reading →

Visual Evidence That Ndamukong Suh Might be a Dirty Player

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Tebowing Over Tebow

Even if the Lions win the Super Bowl, this is the highlight of their season. Continue Reading →

Which NFL team is most likely to go 0-16?

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Jim Schwartz Tells His Side of the Story

His hair has never looked better. Continue Reading →

Harbaugh-Schwartz Mad

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The Latest "Moneyball" Parody: "Millenball"

Millenball – watch more funny videos Imagine if a team never emerged from being below the 50-feet of crap. Continue Reading →

Lions Fans Feeling Pretty Confident

They probably also think the Pistons will be good, so take it with a grain of salt. Continue Reading →

Jim Schwartz is Profane in Victory

Boom goes the motherf-king dynamite! Continue Reading →

Are you rooting for the Bills and Lions?

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