Peyton Manning Doesn’t Shop for Clothes At the Same Place the Other Broncos Do

Von Miller needs to get more clothes at Sears. Continue Reading →

Peyton Manning Texts Tom Brady Pictures of Himself Throwing Short Passes to Wes Welker

Tom Brady's cellphone lit up early this morning with a series of text message notifications. By the time he removed his silk Prada sleep mask and checked his phone, he had 11 ... Continue Reading →

Peyton Manning is a Totally Ripped Pro Athlete

Amazing with that physique that he always falls apart at the end of seasons. Continue Reading →

Angry Archie Manning Spanks Eli After Peyton’s Bad Game

Peyton Manning's latest playoff failure caused his father to take out some frustration on the rear-end of the youngest Manning boy, Eli, who was spanked nearly a dozen times after ... Continue Reading →

Joe Flacco: “Peyton Manning is probably pretty nervous to face me”

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco said today that his team has a decided advantage in their divisional playoff game at Denver because Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning will ... Continue Reading →

Does a Denver Broncos Player Pee in the Woods?

Yes. Continue Reading →

Tennessee Sets Sights on Hiring Denver Broncos’ Head Coach Peyton Manning

Former Tennessee quarterback and current Denver Broncos head coach Peyton Manning is reportedly the favorite candidate to replace Derek Dooley as head coach of the Volunteers, according ... Continue Reading →

Indiana No Longer Loves Peyton Manning

The Broncos made the playoffs without Manning, while the Colts were 2-14 without Luck. Non-Indianans are dumb. Continue Reading →

Von Miller Performs the Greatest Safety Dance of All-Time

The dance is worth an extra two points. Continue Reading →

RIP Baseball

The deciding game of our nation’s pastime is no Saints-Broncos Week 8. Continue Reading →

Peyton Manning Caught Using Naughty Language on TV

Let's just hope Eli wasn't watching. Continue Reading →

Peyton Manning Makes One of the Worst Tackle Attempts Ever

So you don't need to be remotely athletic to play quarterback. Interesting. Continue Reading →

Peyton Manning Arc Reactor Forehead

With Tim Tebow as Captain America. Continue Reading →

Elway Hitler

This is what Raiders fans wear at home when the Halloween costumes are in the wash. Continue Reading →

Denver Broncos Manning Face

He now has the face record for two franchises. Continue Reading →

Broncos Name Brock Osweiler Starter Over Peyton Manning

The passing of the NFL quarterback torch continued today in Denver as the Broncos announced rookie Brock Osweiler will start ahead of veteran Peyton Manning. "It's simply ... Continue Reading →

Peyton Manning is a Black Man

Eli probably got very confused while watching this. Continue Reading →

No One Will Beat Peyton Manning’s TDs Record

Amazing he was able to amass all those touchdowns with so few yards. Sign of greatness and efficiency. Continue Reading →