Peyton Manning Currently Overthinking Denver’s Upcoming Playoff Game

According to several sources, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning is currently overthinking his team’s upcoming playoff game and has been for nearly two weeks. “Peyton ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Peyton Manning Football Dorks It Up in a Hot Tub

  Could be working hard, could be playing Candy Crush.  Continue Reading →

Colquitt Family Turkey Day Football Game Just a Bunch of Goddam Punting Again

The Colquitt Family gathered for their annual Turkey Bowl football game this morning, but the game quickly devolved into an unwatchable punting battle of field position with neither ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Photographer Fight Over Peyton Manning-Tom Brady Shot

That guy ruined what would have been the only picture in history of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Behold Tom Brady Attempting to “Tackle” Von Miller

Tom Brady: international male model.  Continue Reading →

Patriots Activate Microchip in Wes Welker’s Brain that Will Cause Him to Kill Peyton Manning with a Hammer

The New England Patriots are set to take on Peyton Manning in another primetime matchup Sunday night, but it’s very unlikely Manning will take the field with the Denver Broncos ... Continue Reading →

14 Things to Know About Brady-Manning XIV

I. Seriously? We’re doing Roman numerals for this thing now? Ugh. II. I mean, everyone realizes that of the past eight Super Bowls, these guys have won a combined total of one ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: America Has Seen Peyton Manning Play in the Postseason Before

As the saying goes: “Burn me once, shame on you. Burn me every year with awful interceptions in the playoffs, shame on me.” Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Evil Peyton Manning is Planning Something Terrible

This is the face he has when he plans world Papa John’s domination. Continue Reading →
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Jim Irsay Apologizes: “I need to remember that being a choker is a difficult reality for Peyton Manning to face”

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay apologized today for statements he made in an interview with USA Today in which he seemed to blame Peyton Manning for the fact that the Colts won ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Denver’s Channel 9 Reports That The Jaguars Suck

  Apparently they didn’t pretend well enough to convince the Denver media.  Continue Reading →

The Jaguars’ Keys to the Game for Jaguars vs. Broncos

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VIDEO: Cooper Manning Making 3 Year-Old Peyton Manning Cry

Manning Face used to come with tears. Continue Reading →