NBA Lockout Negotiations from Behind Closed Doors

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David Stern Hoping Total Fan Apathy Will Crush Players Union

NBA commissioner David Stern announced on Monday that the first two weeks of the NBA regular season have been cancelled, a move that was met by resounding indifference from all but ... Continue Reading →

NBA.com’s Honest New Redesign

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David Stern: "I don’t even like basketball"

After the NBA filed a lawsuit against the players' union today, NBA commissioner David Stern told the assembled media that he doesn't even like the sport of basketball, and ... Continue Reading →
David Stern

David Stern Signs Deal to Commission in Europe

NBA commissioner David Stern announced today that he plans to commission in Europe this fall if the lockout is not resolved by the start of the NBA season. "There are several ... Continue Reading →

Sad David Stern Opens Up to NBA Fans

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NBA Fans Boo David Stern

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David Stern and Gary Bettman’s Letter to NFLPA Director DeMaurice Smith

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NBA commissioner David Stern is excited to meet the world’s largest magical fairy.

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"If you must know, I’m checking hockey scores, okay? It’s been ten straight minutes of timeouts and foul shots. I’m bored. Stop being a dick abou

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Short play: "Tim Donaghy’s Book Signing"

Scene:A Barnes and Noble store in Manhattan. Tim Donaghy sits behind a folding table signing copies of his NBA expose, "Personal Foul." A dozen or so customers stand in line ... Continue Reading →

David Stern releases his first book: "If Anyone Publishes Tim Donaghy’s Book, I Will Have You Killed"

NBA commissioner David Stern became an author for the first time today with the release of his debut book, If Anyone Publishes Tim Donaghy's Book, I Will Have You Killed. "I ... Continue Reading →

David Stern presents Kobe Bryant with a diamond-encrusted ring to apologize for sleeping around on him.

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