Frustrated Royals Fire Pitching Mound

Desperately looking for answers in yet another season that has seen them fall far out of contention, the Kansas City Royals announced today that they have decided to fire the team's ... Continue Reading →

Pedro Cerrano Retires After Spending 19 Years in the Minors

Veteran right fielder PedroCerranoannounced his retirement after 19 seasons with the South Carolina Buzz, the Triple-A affiliate of the Minnesota Twins, at a news conference this morning. Cerrano, ... Continue Reading →

Roger Goodell Warns Players Against Participating In "Fucked Up Bullshit"

NFL Commissioner RogerGoodellheld a press conference Wednesday to reiterate his strict stance on violations of the NFL conduct policy, adding emphasis on making sure players do not ... Continue Reading →

Excited Demolition Crew Goes Ahead and Explodes Cowboys Stadium, Too

After demolishing Texas Stadium in front of crowd of thousands of cheering spectators, the demolition crew was so inspired by the passion and enthusiasm of the fans that they hastily ... Continue Reading →

No One At Masters Even Notices Ernie Els is in a Wheelchair

Not a single member of the media, PGA tour, or crowds of fans at the Augusta National Golf Club has made mention of the fact that three-times Major winner ErnieElsarrived Sunday morning ... Continue Reading →

CC Sabathia Accused of Putting Potato Chip Grease on the Ball

Several Boston Red Sox players believe that Yankees ace CCSabathiawas doctoring the ball with potato chip grease during Sunday's opener at Fenway Park. "It was so obvious ... Continue Reading →

Ruined Bracketologist Jumps Out of 10th Floor Window

Upsets dominated the first two rounds of the NCAA Tournament. But the true result was much more grave than some dashed title hopes, as it is now being reported that Adam Randolph, a ... Continue Reading →

Nervous Rookie Pitcher Can’t Remember if He Throws Righty or Lefty

Just a day before his scheduled spring training debut, sweat-covered Pirates rookie pitcher Brad Lincoln has announced that he forgets if he uses his right hand or left hand to pitch. "Dammit, ... Continue Reading →

Yao Ming’s Wife Gives Birth To Beautiful 7-Foot Baby Girl

Basketball player Ye Li, the 6'2" wife of 7'6" Rockets centerYaoMing, has given birth to a healthy seven-foot baby girl. The child was delivered by a team of 95 ... Continue Reading →

Chris Chelios Embarrasses Rest of Thrashers by Passing Puck Like a Dad

During their first practice today with newly-signed teammate Chris Chelios, Atlanta Thrashers teammates expressed feelings of embarrassment over the fatherly passing style of the 48-year-old ... Continue Reading →

Tiger’s golf workout

Tiger Woods is reportedly home from rehab and trying to get into "golf shape". SportsPickle was able to get a copy of his workout routine. Continue Reading →