Delonte West Gives Gordon Hayward a Wet Willie

He does look very wet willieable. Continue Reading →

Lamar Odom Threatens to Play for the Mavericks if the Mavericks Don’t Give Him a New Contract

Mavericks forward Lamar Odom vowed today that he will take the court and play in a game for the Mavericks if they refuse to give him a new, long-term contract. "Call it whatever ... Continue Reading →

Mark Cuban Wishes He Could "Love" Mark Cuban

He then proceeded to leave comments on how awesome Mark Cuban is. Continue Reading →

The Kardashian Mavericks Jersey America Wants

It’s a little small for Khole to fit into it. Continue Reading →

Advice from the Mavericks on Beating the Heat This Summer

Pull up for three gallons of your favorite ice cream. — Jason Terry Shave your head bald. You'll find it's much "cooler" than bleaching. — Jason Kidd Remain ... Continue Reading →

Lego Dirk Nowitzki

Lego Dirk looks more realistic than the guy on the right. Continue Reading →
Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk Nowitzki is No Randy Johnson

He throws a baseball pretty well for a German. Continue Reading →

Dirk Nowitzki Ass Tattoo

This may, in fact, be DeShawn Stevenson’s ass. Continue Reading →

Dirk Nowitzki: Not a Strong Singer

No wonder Hasselhoff sounds good to him. Continue Reading →

Like Dirk, If I Could Be Like Dirk

Be Like Dirk – watch more funny videos (Except for the fiancee part.) Continue Reading →

German Newspaper Says What Some Germans Are Unfortunately Thinking

Oh, no. Germans can’t have anything nice. Continue Reading →

DeShawn Stevenson’s Latest Novelty T-Shirts

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Mark Cuban Breaks the Seal After Winning a Title

"Employees must wash trophies before returning to work." Continue Reading →

Dirk Nowitzki’s Success Inspiring Many Young Players to be German

Dirk Nowitzki's first NBA title has shot him into the upper echelon of sports stars and that new-found popularity is already being seen at basketball courts across the United ... Continue Reading →

Miami Loses! (Also: Dallas Wins!)

The Mavericks should lose if they want attention. Continue Reading →

The NBA Finals in One Picture

Dirk is doing Nelson Muntz with a German accent. Continue Reading →

Estimated Dallas Mavericks Victory Parade

It’s Texas. Needs more guns. Continue Reading →

Deshawn Stevenson: "How Does My Dirk Taste?"

I bet Dirk tastes bland, yet is very nutritious. Continue Reading →