Rapping Jerry Jones is the Death of Rap

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The Cowboys Deserve Nothing But Generic Text

Here’s what I have to say about the Cowboys: Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Continue Reading →

Cowboys Fan Believes Haters Hate Him

We all hate their one playoff win in a generation. So much JEALOUSY. Continue Reading →

Boston Celtics Have Officially Been Eliminated from the Playoffs

It’s amazing they even made the playoffs with Romo on their side. Continue Reading →

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Cake

Putting a cherry pie on her crotch would have been too subtle. Continue Reading →
Tony Romo

Dallas Cowboys Ask the NFL Not to Schedule Them Any Games in December

The Dallas Cowboys have asked the NFL to not schedule them any games for the entire month of December, team sources confirmed today. "I don't know if any team has asked for ... Continue Reading →

Rob Ryan Reveals Roger Ryan, the Conjoined Twin Who Lives Under His Shirt

Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan revealed today that Rex Ryan is not his only brother and, in fact, he has a conjoined twin named Roger Ryan who is attached at his stomach. "Roger ... Continue Reading →

Tony Romo is Very Surprised

He must have just seen the fourth quarter. Continue Reading →

Tony Romo’s High School Yearbook

Antonio probably blew it all over his prom date. Continue Reading →

Xbox Romo Achievement

You then somehow blow getting this achievement. Continue Reading →

Is Tony Romo capable of winning it all?

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Virginia Resident Not a Big Fan of Tony Romo

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Confidence Has Never Been an Issue for the State of Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas. Especially the delusion. Continue Reading →