Tony Romo is Very Surprised

He must have just seen the fourth quarter. Continue Reading →

Tony Romo’s High School Yearbook

Antonio probably blew it all over his prom date. Continue Reading →

Xbox Romo Achievement

You then somehow blow getting this achievement. Continue Reading →

Is Tony Romo capable of winning it all?

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Virginia Resident Not a Big Fan of Tony Romo

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Confidence Has Never Been an Issue for the State of Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas. Especially the delusion. Continue Reading →

Rob Ryan’s Bikini Lady Play Card

Is she wearing shoes? Because Rex would find that disgusting. Continue Reading →

Tony Romo and Pee-Wee Herman

Pick which one you’d rather have starting a playoff game for you. Continue Reading →

Dallas Cowboys Forearm Tattoo

That tattoo looks even more foolish in December and January. Continue Reading →

Tony Romo Annoyed Lockout Resolution Will Ruin All His Sunday Tee Times

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has expressed displeasure that the NFL lockout may be coming to an end, meaning the 2011 football season will be played as scheduled. "I started ... Continue Reading →

Dez Bryant Vows to Embarrass the NFL Each Day the Lockout Continues

Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant continued his brave, principled show of defiance against the NFL today with yet another demonstration of jackassery. On the heels of being thrown ... Continue Reading →

Cowboy Gets a Flag in the Face

Cowboys fans should have watched the whole season this way. (via @worstfan) Continue Reading →

Tashard Choice Gets Michael Vick’s Autograph

He first got in Vick's good graces by losing to him. Continue Reading →

Well, At Least Someone Is Having Fun At Dallas Cowboys Games

Do cheerleaders have a no-touch rule? Maybe someone should remind that kid. Continue Reading →

Which of the following NFL teams has the best shot at making the playoffs?

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Jerry Jones Wishes He Had Made His Face 60 Years Younger

This photo isn’t nearly as disturbing as watching the Cowboys play football. Continue Reading →

Cowboys Fans Keep It Classy

Losing really turns her on. Continue Reading →

Jerry Jones Books Tractor Pull at Cowboys Stadium for Super Bowl Sunday

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has announced that The Great Texas Tractor Pull will be held this February 6th at Cowboys Stadium. "I am excited to announce this all-day event," ... Continue Reading →