PICTURE: Model Bar Poly Posts That She Met “Sports Legend” Tony Romo and #IDontKnowSports

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A Complete Rundown of Every Team Tony Romo Has Caused to Lose by His Very Presence

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PICTURE: Tony Romo is to Blame for the Collapse of the Indiana Pacers

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Cowboys Restructure Tony Romo’s Contract to Make It a Little Less Horrible

The Dallas Cowboys have created significant cap space by restructuring Tony Romo’s hilariously massive $108 million contract, allowing the team to pay other players who are as ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Eagles Fan Has Very Philadelphia Cutler/Romo Sign

As though Jay Cutler cares about fans taunting him. He’s got an offseason to plan. Continue Reading →

8 Stats Proving Tony Romo is One of the Most CLUTCH Quarterbacks in the NFL

1. Tony Romo’s all-time record as a starting quarterback in the NFL is 62-45, a .579 winning percentage.  He wins more than he loses. Tony Romo = winner. Or don’t you ... Continue Reading →

Report: Monte Kiffin the Father of Moron Lane Kiffin

Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin was hired before the season to fix Dallas’ defense, but the unit has gotten far worse and is now ranked dead-last in the NFL. ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Tony Romo’s Most Clutch Play of His Career

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Climatologist: “Hopefully one day the NFC East will be claimed by rising oceans”

A leading climatologist said today that while rising ocean levels remain a threat to hundreds of millions around the globe in the coming decades, the flooding of the U.S. East Coast ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: GOT ROMO Vanity License Plate

A Tony Romo license plate is more of a humiliation plate than a vanity plate. Continue Reading →

Burning Sports Question: Is the Cowboys Dynasty in Decline?!?!

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Jason Garrett Unaware of Jerry Jones’ Plans to Start Jerry Jones at Running Back

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett claimed ignorance today when asked his thoughts on Jerry Jones' plans to start at running back this season. "To my knowledge, nothing ... Continue Reading →

America is a Better GM Than Jerry Jones

You have to work pretty had to be dumber than America, Jerry Jones. Continue Reading →