Don’t Crash a Bike on Your Face

Extreme violence and gore might get me to watch cycling. Continue Reading →

Beautiful Tour de France Wound

Those wound grooves make him more aerodynamic. Continue Reading →

Tour de France Crash Into a Fence

Globida smackda in the dardiggidybarda, indeed. Continue Reading →

Cycling is Bad for Your Legs

Those aren’t spider veins. They’re anaconda veins. Continue Reading →

Farming: The One Thing that Can Make the Tour de France Exciting

Cycling is like watching crops grow. Continue Reading →

The Most Hated Athlete: Voting Results

After 242,441 votes from more than 50 athlete options, here is who you determined to be the 25 Most Hated Athletes in history. – – – – – Continue Reading →

Kid Becomes Motivational Speaker Upon Learning How to Ride His Bike

With some PEDs, he'll win the Tour de France in no time. Continue Reading →

Do you believe Lance Armstrong used performance enhancing drugs?

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BMX Bike Race Has Bad Start

That start was a disaster … TO THE EXTREME! Continue Reading →

Can You Find the Kid Who Has Attended Cycling Camp?

He probably started blood doping in the womb. Continue Reading →

Parked Car Ruins Cyclist’s Dream of Being a Champion

It's for the best. He was nearly in last place. Better that he break all his bones now than find out he's going to lose at the finish line. Continue Reading →

Tour de France leader Alberto Contador prays that cycling officials never develop a test for what he’s taking.

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Tour de France Leader Quits After His Parents Buy Him a Car

Tour de France leader Alberto Contador took off the yellow jersey this morning and quit the competition after his parents got him a car for his birthday. "It's only an old ... Continue Reading →

A fan at the Tour of California holds a sign saying Floyd Landis cheated. She then continued through her series of 527 signs listing all the other che

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Lance Armstrong Wins Tour de Luxembourg In 36 Minutes, 18 Seconds

Lance Armstrong showed he can still win a bike race this morning by taking the Tour de Luxembourg in 36 minutes, 18 seconds. "It was really more of a short training run," ... Continue Reading →

Inside the Contador-Armstrong feud

Tour de France champion Alberto Contador and former seven-time champion Lance Armstrong are no longer pretending they are friends. In fact, they have been sniping pretty hard back and ... Continue Reading →

“I told you that you were not ready to race without the training wheels, Philippe! Now look what you have done!-

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“Idiot! You’re not supposed to inject me during the race.”

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