Lance Armstrong takes part in a special session regarding cancer in the developing world during the Clinton Global Initiative in New York

All of Lance Armstrong’s Little League Baseball Home Runs to be Asterisked

Former cycling star Lance Armstrong has reportedly admitted to Oprah Winfrey in an interview that he used performance enhancing drugs. The impact of that admission is already being ... Continue Reading →

Report: Lance Armstrong to Say He Has Cancer, the Flu and AIDS in Hopes of Getting Sympathy

Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong is reportedly considering telling Oprah Winfrey that he has "a whole ton of cancer" in addition to the flu and AIDS in his upcoming interview ... Continue Reading →

Video of Lance Armstrong Returning All of His Tour de France Jerseys

If only there was someone who hadn't cheated to give them to. Continue Reading →

Famous Sports Figures Tell You Their Favorite Halloween Candy

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Would you take steroids if you were an athlete?

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Lance Armstrong’s Mom Buys Him a Skateboard

Lance Armstrong is no longer allowed to ride his bike, but his spirits were brightened today when his mom gave him a brand new skateboard after she got home from work. "Lance ... Continue Reading →

Nike’s Most Hilarious-in-Retrospect Lance Armstrong Commercial

Maybe "what are you?" was confusing. How about: "What drugs are you taking?" Continue Reading →

New Alternate Titles for Lance Armstrong’s Autobiography

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Old Lance Armstrong Ad Now More Like a Comedy Sketch

So your bike is … drugs? Continue Reading →

September’s Funniest Sports Photos

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Cycling Celebrations: the Porn of Sports

It’s not degrading if she’s paid to have them blow it all over her, right? Continue Reading →

Cancer Researchers Agree to Forget All of the Knowledge Gained from LIVESTRONG Funding

The scientific community reacted strongly to Lance Armstrong today, declaring that it will forget all of the knowledge and data they have gathered over the past 15 years through research ... Continue Reading →

See if You Can Spot the Fails in Lance Armstrong’s USADA Statement

1) His name is spelled wrong; 2) That opening sentence couldn’t be worse for someone whose job is to motivate cancer sufferers. Continue Reading →