VIDEO: Cricket Batsman Hits Seagull Out of the Sky with Hit Ball

That counts for 13 wicket googley ickets, if you play by Parsnip Upon Queensbridge Rules. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Cricket Produces the Worst High-Five in Sports History

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Cricket Cheerleader Takes a Ball to the Face

Yes, cricket apparently has cheerleaders. Continue Reading →

What Cricket Looks Like to Americans

The English are an exciting people. Continue Reading →

The 10 Greatest British Athletes of All-Time

1. Andy Murray In 2012, Murray became the first British person to appear in a Wimbledon final since 1938. He lost, rather soundly, but at least he made it to a championship. That's ... Continue Reading →

Singing Fan Calls Into Cricket Show

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Cricket Cameraman’s Segway Crash

Other than when Segway's crash all the time, they never crash. Continue Reading →

So This Is The Creepiest Cricket Fan Ever

Cricket: Where Creepy Fans Happen Continue Reading →

Not All Cricket Fans Are As Creepy As Mustache Man

Soon you'll see him PhotoBombing a Tiger Woods shot. Continue Reading →

It’s Not Weird Because His Nose Looks Like a Penis

And he has one of those cleft, testicles-looking chins. Continue Reading →

Mitchell Fulmont (Los Angeles > Cricket)

MITCHELL FULMONT LOS ANGELES > Cricket Mitchell, 14, who plays cricket for the Los Angeles Youth Cricket Association, tallied 10 runs this weekend in a test match against another ... Continue Reading →