Kentucky Awards Freshman-To-Be Brandon Knight With Honorary Degree

Citing a desire to cut through the red tape that plagues the educational system for star NCAA basketball players, the University of Kentucky has awarded incoming freshman hoops sensation ... Continue Reading →

NBA Fines Barack Obama $100K for Speaking Publicly About Lebron

One day after he suggested LeBron James should sign with the Chicago Bulls, the NBA fined President Barack Obama $100,000 for violating the league’s anti-tampering rules. During ... Continue Reading →

Pitcher’s 3-K Performance Puts Damper on Minority Appreciation Night

What was intended to be a night to celebrate the diversity of America turned out to be a somber reminder of our nation’s past failures, as starting pitcher Kyle Weir’s three ... Continue Reading →

The Biggest Names in Sports and Their Business Equivalents

Athletes talk all the time about how sports are a business. And they're right. In fact, many of our sports institutions have clear equivalents in the business world. Take a look. Duke ... Continue Reading →

Coast Guard Wins 2010 Military Draft Lottery

With every mathematical possibility exhausted and all the ping pong balls pulled, The United States Coast Guard wound up with the right combination, and has earned the first selection ... Continue Reading →

Cleveland’s Desperate Billboard Campaign to Keep Lebron

Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers were eliminated in the 2nd round of the playoffs. And while Mr. James' stock may be down a bit, by no means is Cleveland ready to see him ... Continue Reading →

The 6 Types of Coaches

There are many different coaches. In fact, there seem to be about 20 or 30 on every team now. But every coach fits into one of these six categories … Continue Reading →

Yankees-Red Sox Play Game in 45 Minutes After MLB Lifts Cocaine Ban

One day after Commissioner Bud Selig announced cocaine use would be legalized and encouraged for every remaining Yankees-Red Sox series this season, the two teams played Sunday night’s ... Continue Reading →

Everyone on Titans Sick of Myron Rolle Calling It "American Football"

Though he’s been a member of the Tennesee Titans for less than a month, 6thround draft pick and former Rhodes Scholar Myrone Rolle has already made enemies on the team by constantly ... Continue Reading →

Accurate Entrance Songs for 7 MLB Players

Every Major League player has a specific song that plays every time they come up to bat. But it's rare that a player's song truly fits him. Here are 7 players who could use ... Continue Reading →

Pickup Lines from 12 of Your Favorite Athletes

Professional athletes have a lot going for them. Fame. Money. What they often don't have is a way with words. Especially around the opposite sex. As evidence, here are the go-to ... Continue Reading →

Your Favorite Teams Say A Lot About You

There are many ways to stereotype someone. Most of them are wrong and unfair. Except for one: your favorite team. The team you choose to root for says a lot about you. In fact, it ... Continue Reading →

Madden Simulation Predicts Roethlisberger Will Win Case, Settle Out of Court

According to the official Madden NFL video game simulation, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will be charged with sexual assault for his incident in Georgia. However, ... Continue Reading →