Giants Doctors Unsure if Eli Manning Is Concussed Or Just Really Stupid

The New York Giants medical staff came back from another round of tests on quarterback Eli Manning this morning unsure if the signal caller is experiencing symptoms of a concussion ... Continue Reading →

Tom Emanski Releases 9-Volume Instructional Sex Tapes

Renowned AAU baseball coach Tom Emanski has decided to extend his name brand to other ventures, releasing a 9-volume instructional sex tape series for kids and teens on VHS. The ... Continue Reading →

Wrestling Fans Unsure Of Who To Root For In Match Between Black Guy and Middle Eastern Guy

Attendees at last Thursday’s “Extreme Nashville Pro Wrestling” summer event at VFW Post 151 became visibly and audibly confused during a match between The Iraqi ... Continue Reading →

Miami Heat Make Request to Play Entire Season on Paper

Representatives of the Miami Heat have sent a letter to NBA Commissioner David Stern formally requesting that they be allowed to play their entire season on paper, the Associated Press ... Continue Reading →

Archaeologists Find Remains of Ancient Roman T-Shirt Catapult in Coliseum

In what is being called one of the most monumental anthropological discoveries of the last 100 years, archaeologists in Rome have announced that they’ve unearthed what appears ... Continue Reading →

Baltimore Orioles Company Softball Team Loses 15th Game in a Row

Orioles reliever Frank Mata gave up a season high 13 runs, including the game winner in the top of the 6thinning, as the Baltimore Orioles company softball team suffered yet another ... Continue Reading →

Lebron James responds to Dan Gilbert

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Gay Chicago Sports Fan Comes Out of Closet to Bulls Entrance Music

As a way of expressing his undying love for both Chicago sports teams and his life partner Greg, Chicagoan Mark Davis publicly announced his homosexuality to the backdrop of the classic ... Continue Reading →

San Francisco Giants Hold "Cool Players Only" Meeting

Citing a lack of locker room cohesion caused by “somepeople” being complete dweebs, several of the popular players on the San Francisco Giants have decided to hold a “Cool ... Continue Reading →

Chinese Restaurant Gives Celtics Bulletin Board Material

Local restaurateur Sun Ho Chin didn’t think much of his decision to change the price of his Beef Chow Mein to $4.50, nor did he consider the ramifications of charging an extra ... Continue Reading →

The 7 Worst Athlete Songs of All-Time

Rap, rock, country … we all like different kinds of music. Some people even like the "musical" rap-rock-country "stylings" of people like Big & Rich and ... Continue Reading →

Your Favorite Team Says A Lot About You

There are many ways to stereotype someone. Most of them are wrong and unfair. Except for one: your favorite team. The team you choose to root for says a lot about you. In fact, it ... Continue Reading →

NBA summits scheduled as Facebook events

Whether David Stern likes it or not, Dwyane Wade, Lebron James and other free agents will talk about their plans for free agency. As will coaches and team owners. And chances are, they ... Continue Reading →