Indians Fan Loves Dick

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Father-Son Bonding at Indians Game

Don’t judge. They may be texting each other. Continue Reading →

Which MLB team that is off to a surprisingly hot start has the most staying power?

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Ohio State Basketball Players Make Crap Baseball Players

Don't ever ask them to throw a floor-length pass. Continue Reading →
White Sox Indians Baseball

Cleveland Has Indians Fever or At Least is Home Sick

Hey, Cleveland can’t support three terrible teams. Continue Reading →

Indians Player Sings Adele Between Pitches

He injects steroids into his vocal chords. Continue Reading →

1980s Ron Washington Considers the Popularity of Cocaine

That guy looks like he was straight-edge. Continue Reading →

Indians Fever Caught by Several Dozen People

The crowds were even better at the beginning of "Major League". Continue Reading →

World’s Most Annoying Girl Ruins Baseball Game

Come on, Cleveland. She's way worse than Lebron. Continue Reading →

Cop Takes a Baseball to the Head at Indians Game

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Fausto Carmona: Another Non-Athletic Pitcher

Really, no professional athlete should be expected to run 90-feet, right? Continue Reading →

Indians Unsure Which Superstition is Responsible for Their Unlikely Start

Hot off of another victory over the Kansas City Royals, several players in the Cleveland Indians locker room were eager to take credit for their hottest start in years. "Before ... Continue Reading →

Indians Fan Tries to Go All the Way with Indians Mascot

If Slider isn't willing, then what's with all the herpes sores? Continue Reading →