PICTURE: Cleveland Cavaliers Put “LABRON” James on the Scoreboard

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VIDEO: Random Guy Decides to Play During Cavaliers-Clippers Game

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VIDEO: Cleveland Cavaliers’ Reporter Takes Basketball to Head in Stride

Sideline reporter concussions: the next great sports issue. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Watch Cleveland’s Anthony Bennett Dominate the Final Seconds of a Game

LeBron was never that clutch late in games as a young Cavalier, and look at him now.  Continue Reading →

Andrew Bynum: “I feel it’s destiny for me to be a Cleveland athlete”

Free agent center Andrew Bynum said it is very likely he will sign a contract offer from the Cleveland Cavaliers, feeling it is “destiny for me to be a Cleveland athlete.” “I’ve ... Continue Reading →

The Cleveland Cavaliers Have a Compelling Sales Pitch to Phil Jackson

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Manti Te’o Kiss Cam at Cavaliers Game

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Dan Gilbert Sounds Off on King Felix Hernandez’s Perfect Game

They’ll both beat the Indians to a World Series. Continue Reading →

Cleveland Weatherman Unhappy with LeBron James Winning a Title

Can't wait for the NBA expansion teams Seattle Fog and St. Louis Humidity. Continue Reading →

Get Your Dan Gilbert Miami Heat Championship T-Shirts

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Cleveland Always Votes Itself “Most Miserable”

They will not let Seattle come along and steal the soul-crushing misery Cleveland is famous for. Continue Reading →

Kyrie Irving as an Old Man is a Very Impressive Basketball Player

Maybe this explains the Spurs and Celtics. Continue Reading →

Kyrie Irving is Almost — Almost — a Lock for Rookie of the Year

Apparently he needed to do more outreach to Desportes voters. Continue Reading →