Brandon Weeden is So Old He Predates Modern Media

They also don’t know if he has great wheels, because he was born before wheels. Continue Reading →

God Bless America and God Bless Brandon Weeden

Old people do tend to be very patriotic. Continue Reading →

The Official Jersey of the Cleveland Browns

They were kind of good in the olden days, though, so there’s that. Continue Reading →

Cleveland Browns Fan Responds to Team About Season Tickets

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Hopelessly Depressing Cleveland Browns License Plate

"4THPLACE" was taken so he went with this one. Continue Reading →

Steelers vs. Browns Chess

If there’s one thing that Steelers and Browns fans like, it’s chess. Continue Reading →
Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers

Doctors Clear Colt McCoy to Receive More Concussions

Team doctors have cleared Browns quarterback Colt McCoy to play in Sunday's game against the Cardinals, saying that he is healthy enough to once again suffer concussions. The ... Continue Reading →

Peyton Hillis Salsa

Don’t open it. It expired in 2010. Continue Reading →

The Voice of Every Browns Fan

Seems he hasn't been won over by Pat Shurmur's charisma. Continue Reading →

Peyton Hillis Dresses Up for TV

That’s considered Arkansas/Cleveland chic. Continue Reading →

Obscene Pro Bowl Picture Includes a Cleveland Brown

I know obscenity when I see it, thanks to the orange helmets. Continue Reading →

The 1974 Cleveland Browns Were Awesome

http://www.clevescene.com/64-and-counting/archives/2010/12/22/absolutely-epic-1974-letter-from-cleveland-browns-to-a-fan Their fans, however, not so much. Continue Reading →

Rex Ryan Dresses In Drag

He sure has one ugly twin sister. Continue Reading →

Cleveland’s new billboard is incredibly depressing

Workers have removed the iconic "We Are All Witnesses" billboard of Lebron James in downtown Cleveland. What has been put up in its place is far more depressing than the empty ... Continue Reading →

Cleveland’s application for the 2015 Super Bowl

North Jersey, home of 30-degree temperatures and rain in February — and also swampland and refineries year-round! — has been named the host of the 2014 Super Bowl. Applications ... Continue Reading →

Colt McCoy Vows Revenge on Browns for Passing on Him in the 1st Round

Texas quarterback Colt McCoy hoped to go among the top picks in the NFL Draft, but he fell all the way to the 3rd round and the 85th pick overall where the Cleveland Browns selected ... Continue Reading →

Uncapped NFL Teams Begin Bidding on Lebron James

The NFL free agency season kicked off at midnight on Friday without a salary cap and Lebron James has reportedly already received big-money offers from all 32 NFL teams. "Lebron ... Continue Reading →

"Hmm. Maybe he would notice us better if we didn’t have these bags on our heads."

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