PICTURE: Cleveland Browns Players and Coaches React to Horribly Overthrown Brandon Weeden Pass

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PICTURE: Chick-fil-A is Mean to the Cleveland Browns

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Player Postcards from NFL Training Camps

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Hilariously Positive News Stories About NFL Draft Picks Who Turned Out to be Busts

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FBI: “We became suspicious of Jimmy Haslam when he showed interest in owning the Cleveland Browns”

FBI investigators revealed today they began to look into Jimmy Haslam and his business dealings when he decided to become the owner of the Cleveland Browns. "We had no knowledge ... Continue Reading →

Found: The Official License Plate of Cleveland Browns Fans

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NCAA Football: Oregon at Arizona State

Chip Kelly Unsubscribes from Monster.com After It Keeps Sending Him Cleveland Browns Job Opportunities

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The Coolest Features of 8 NFL Stadiums

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Cleveland Browns’ Call-In Show Gets Important Question About Dong Size

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Cleveland Browns Fan is the Cleveland Browns of Bonging a Beer

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Cleveland Browns BED WETTERS Sign

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Joe Biden to Quarterback Browns in Sunday Campaign Event in Ohio

Vice President Joe Biden will start at quarterback for the Cleveland Browns on Sunday in his final swing through the crucial battleground state of Ohio. "Hey, I like to throw ... Continue Reading →

BREAKING: Brandon Weeden Possibly Not a Good Fantasy Option

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