New Browns Head Coach Mike Pettine: “I ask for privacy during this difficult time”

Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator Mike Pettine accepted the position of head coach of the Cleveland Browns on Thursday, according to numerous reports. A statement from the Pettine ... Continue Reading →

Browns Hire Adorable Stray Kitten as New Head Coach

The Cleveland Browns finally filled their vacant head coach position today, deciding on “Brownie,” a stray kitten that CEO Joe Banner found near the team’s Berea facility ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Browns’ Jimmy Haslam Asked if Three Stooges are Running the Team

Whoa. The Three Stooges never would have drafted Brandon Weeden. Show some respect. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Browns Fan Stages Pathetic Protest Outside Team Facility

He probably shouldn’t be thanking them. Oh. Sarcasm. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Cleveland Browns Elf on a Shelf Brings Sadness to Christmas

The Cleveland Browns will again get coal which, in human form, is more 28 year-old 1st Round draft picks. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Behold Jay Cutler’s Closing Speed!

Doooooooooon’t caaaaaaarrrrrre.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Fans of All Teams Can Appreciate Angry Browns Fan Christmas Carols

Great to sing when out caroling with an egg nog-swilling Bernie Kosar. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Even the Browns’ Official Twitter Account Is Tired of Brandon Weeden Sucking

  It’s nice they tagged him so he knows they think he sucks. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Brandon Weeden Throws Backhanded Interception

He can throw interceptions in ways that would blow your mind. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Browns Owner Jimmy Haslam is Insanely Happy About Being in 1st Place

Unfortunately, everyone always laughs last at Cleveland.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: The Cleveland Browns Always Play Like Ass

This is the modern history of the Cleveland Browns captured in six seconds. Continue Reading →

Photo Gallery: The Embarrassment That is the Cleveland Browns

This Year? ◄ Back Next ... Continue Reading →
Joe Banner waitingfornextyear

Browns Trade Two 1st Round Picks and a 2nd Rounder to Colts for RB Ahmad Bradshaw

The Cleveland Browns capped a wild day of roster moves tonight by completing their second trade of the day with the Indianapolis Colts. After naming Brian Hoyer starting quarterback ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Cleveland Browns Players and Coaches React to Horribly Overthrown Brandon Weeden Pass

Behold, Brandon Weeden’s “Guernica.” Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Chick-fil-A is Mean to the Cleveland Browns

Some Steelers fans might want to gay marry that sign. This could backfire on Chick-fil-A. Continue Reading →

Player Postcards from NFL Training Camps

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Hilariously Positive News Stories About NFL Draft Picks Who Turned Out to be Busts

2006: "Perfect storm of events" blesses Arizona with Matt Leinart Continue Reading →

FBI: “We became suspicious of Jimmy Haslam when he showed interest in owning the Cleveland Browns”

FBI investigators revealed today they began to look into Jimmy Haslam and his business dealings when he decided to become the owner of the Cleveland Browns. "We had no knowledge ... Continue Reading →