VIDEO: Reds Trick Indians with the Ol’ Two Unhidden Balls Trick

What a bunch of idiots the Indians are trusting their eyes. #smh Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Matt Adams and a Reds Fan Give Us the Greatest Moment of the 2014 Baseball Season

Usually people of Matt Adams’ size are jolly. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Umpire Takes a Line Drive in the 2 Balls and 1 Strike

Two balls, no cup. Continue Reading →

Reds Fan Has World’s Biggest Frown

He must be more of a Bengals fan. Continue Reading →

Worst Baseball Sweep Broom Ever

Someone put that broom out of its misery. Continue Reading →

Aroldis Chapman: Baseball Acrobat

Your browser does not support iframes. And he didn't even get hurt. Baseball is rarely blessed with such an athlete. Continue Reading →

Bronson Arroyo and Aroldis Chapman Sing “Reds-Hooded Sweatshirt”

Your browser does not support iframes. Aroldis Chapman is now funnier than Adam Sandler. It was bound to happen. Continue Reading →

Pete Rose Calf Tattoo

Obviously this guy lost a bet. Continue Reading →

Reds Fan is a Home Run Magnet

The Reds should take him on the road. Continue Reading →

Father-Son Reds Fan Duo are the Greatest Baseball Players Ever

That kid is more of a phenom than Aroldis Chapman. Continue Reading →

Awful Father Tries to Catch Home Run Ball

If it wasn't for his stupid kid, he could have used two hands. Continue Reading →

Joe Morgan Doing the Chickendance

He has great chickendancing intangibles Continue Reading →

Joe Morgan Going Big Time

Dave Concepcion never gets to lead the chicken dance. Continue Reading →

Cliff Lee Doesn’t Have Time to Run Out Groundballs

Running out groundballs is for crappy pitchers like Roy Oswalt. Continue Reading →

Cincinnati Reds Like Charlie Sheen

Duh, dated reference! Continue Reading →

Pete Rose is a Handsome Woman

I bet Rose misses baseball as much as Lilith Fair. (via MockSession) Continue Reading →

Sparky Anderson Enjoyed Naughty Language

It's a real #@^*ing shame he passed away. Continue Reading →

The Best Place to Wear a Pete Rose Jersey

There is no greater tribute to the Hit King than wearing his jersey at a sportsbook. Continue Reading →