Report: Other NFL Teams Completely Unaware They’re Just Pawns in Chip Kelly’s Grand Scheme

According to sources in NFL front offices throughout the league, all the NFL teams who don’t employ Chip Kelly are completely unaware that they’re merely puppets that the ... Continue Reading →
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Chip Kelly’s Eagles Offense Probably Sets NFL Record by Scoring 33 Points in a Single Game

The NFL has entered a new age of wild, up-tempo, unstoppable offenses and it’s all thanks to Chip Kelly. The former Oregon head coach’s Philadelphia Eagles probably obliterated ... Continue Reading →

A Mustache, Hat and Glasses Turns Chip Kelly Into … Andy Reid!

Duh-duh-duuhhhhhh. Continue Reading →
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Chip Kelly Unsubscribes from Monster.com After It Keeps Sending Him Cleveland Browns Job Opportunities

Oregon head coach Chip Kelly said today that he he cancelled his Monster.com account and marked their e-mails as spam after receiving repeated notices about interview opportunities ... Continue Reading →

Chip Kelly Reportedly Not Disclosing to NFL Teams That His Offense Won’t Work in the NFL

Oregon head coach Chip Kelly is perhaps the hottest name on the market as seven NFL teams look to fill their coaching vacancies. The architect of Oregon's high-powered spread ... Continue Reading →

Chip Kelly Was Fairly Close to Taking the Buccaneers Job

Luckily no one would have seen the wrong cover because no one reads newspapers. Continue Reading →

Oregon Coach Chip Kelly Cares Not for Oregon Fans

That's pretty tough for a man in a visor. Continue Reading →

Rookie Head Coach Scripts Out Season’s First 425 Plays

The intention was to simplify things in his first season on the job. But now first-year head coach Chip Kelly is starting to worry that scripting out his team's first 425 plays ... Continue Reading →