White Sox Throw at Adam Dunn’s Head During Batting Practice

The Chicago White Sox attempted to rid themselves of Adam Dunn by repeatedly throwing at his head during pregame batting practice last night. Dunn is hitting .165 and is on pace to ... Continue Reading →

Shane Victorino Takes a Throw to the Head

They may have to start recording hit batters for catchers now, too. Continue Reading →

Blonde Baseball Fans Are Also Dumb

It won't work anyway. She shoved film into the memory card slot. Continue Reading →

Here’s What an Adrian Gonzalez Liner Does to Your Torso

Should have used your glove, guy. Should have used your glove. Continue Reading →

George W. Bush Should Waterboard A.J. Pierzynski

No one would object to this. Continue Reading →

White Sox Ad Possibly Advocating the Penetration of Mark Buehrle

Even Ozzie Guillen thinks this is a bit crude. Continue Reading →

Ozzie Guillen is Santa Claus

Merry f-cking Christmas, everyone. Continue Reading →

Manny Ramirez Pretty Sure He Played for the White Sox Before

Outfielder Manny Ramirez says he is excited to be back with the White Sox. "I had some good years on this team," he said. "I think we even won a championship. Is [Carlos] ... Continue Reading →

Chicago White Sox: 2010 Preview

SportsPickle is previewing each MLB team in the lead up to Opening Day 2010. Today: Chicago White Sox (2009: 79-83, 3rd in AL Central) Continue Reading →

Frustrated Third Base Coach Changes Swing Sign To Middle Finger

As a disappointing season winds down that saw the team's total runs scored and batting average both drop significantly, White Sox third base coach Jeff Cox has taken it upon himself ... Continue Reading →

President Obama Appoints Tim Lincecum to New Cabinet-Level White Sox Rotation Post

At a hastily arranged press conference this afternoon at the White House, President Barack Obama announced San Francisco Giants ace Tim Lincecum will head up a brand new executive ... Continue Reading →

DROP: Jake Peavy, P, White Sox

DROP: Jake Peavy, P, White Sox — Peavy is one of the best in the game, but he hasn't pitched in almost two months and likely won't get back on the mound until late August. ... Continue Reading →

"No, Albert, my birth certificate is real. Yours though … I have my doubts."

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