MLB Honors Paul Konerko’s Career by Mailing Him a $20 Amazon Gift Card

While Derek Jeter’s final games got most of the publicity in the last week of the regular season, another longtime veteran with impressive career numbers and a World Series title ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Alexei Ramirez Sets All-Time Record for Getting Fooled by a Pitch

“AHHHHHH! It’s going to hit me in the fa- … crap. It’s a strike.” Continue Reading →

PICTURE: KKK Night at the White Sox Game

We’re not hateful racists, we just got free white ponchos. Sure. Suuuuuurrrre. Continue Reading →

White Sox Pitcher Hector Santiago Forgot He Had to Bat

Your browser does not support iframes. It's like he thought there is a thing called the designated hitter or something. Continue Reading →

The Greatest Baseball Photo of All-Time

Time to shut down baseball. It can get no better than this. Continue Reading →

Matt Cain Will Win California in 2012

Perfect gaming the Astros is just mean. Continue Reading →

President Obama Thanks Boston for Kevin Youkilis

"Boooooo! How dare you bring up the man we wanted to get rid of more than anything!" Continue Reading →

There is Semen All Over the Bases

Time to re-think sliding in headfirst. Continue Reading →

Little Boy is Disrespectful to His Elders and the Detroit Tigers

Ozzie Guillen probably taught him to be like this. Continue Reading →

Extra Sign Space Needed to Express Dislike of A.J. Pierzynski

There’s not a sign big enough to fit all of Pierzynski’s unlikable qualities. Continue Reading →

Chicago Fan Also a Fan of Pasty White Thighs

Jim Thome has put some weight on. Continue Reading →

Tony LaRussa’s Appearance on a Cheesy, 1970s Game Show

We can all stop pretending he's a genius now. Continue Reading →

Adam Dunn Looking to Get His Season on the Right Track After .160 Start

Chicago White Sox slugger Adam Dunn said today that he is dedicated to turning his 2011 season around, which has so far gotten off to a rough start. Dunn, who signed a 4-year, $56 ... Continue Reading →

White Sox Rookie Pitchers are Pretty Butterflies

Ozzie Guillen probably has several slurs to describe them. Continue Reading →

White Sox Throw at Adam Dunn’s Head During Batting Practice

The Chicago White Sox attempted to rid themselves of Adam Dunn by repeatedly throwing at his head during pregame batting practice last night. Dunn is hitting .165 and is on pace to ... Continue Reading →

Shane Victorino Takes a Throw to the Head

They may have to start recording hit batters for catchers now, too. Continue Reading →

Blonde Baseball Fans Are Also Dumb

It won't work anyway. She shoved film into the memory card slot. Continue Reading →

Here’s What an Adrian Gonzalez Liner Does to Your Torso

Should have used your glove, guy. Should have used your glove. Continue Reading →