Cubs Fan Simulates BJs Behind Home Plate

This was allowed back when BJ Surhoff used to catch. Continue Reading →

Andrew McCutchen Gets Hit by Pitches in an Entertaining Manner

If you can't have fun with pain, you can't be a Pittsburgh Pirate. Continue Reading →

Cubs Fan Gets Scalped During a Game

Finally someone more prone to disaster than the Cubs. Continue Reading →

“MLB 12: The Show” Plays Cruel Prank

This is how TVs get broken. Continue Reading →

Andre Dawson Remains Jheri Curled in State Farm Commercial

Definite Jheri Curl Hall of Famer. Continue Reading →

Jay Cutler’s Singing Will Make Your Ears Die

Good thing he's mediocre at his day job. Continue Reading →

Proof That Cubs Fans Start Drinking Early

They've never won since he's been alive. Not even a single game. Continue Reading →

Scientific Poll Confirms That the Cubs Suck

History is not a science. Continue Reading →

Dale Sveum’s High School Yearbook Photo

Yeah, this looks like someone who would one day coach the world’s losingest baseball franchise. Continue Reading →

Chicago’s Friendliest Cubs Fan

Okay. Sure. Now, or? Continue Reading →

Red Sox Turn Down Theo Epstein’s Trade Offer of All the Red Sox for All the Cubs

Theo Epstein was introduced as the new Chicago Cubs general manager on Tuesday and immediately went to work. Unfortunately, his first trade offer — one he admits "I had kind ... Continue Reading →

Theo Epstein: "I had some great times in Boston, but it’s become a real shithole"

Boston Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein has announced he is leaving the team to take a similar position with the Chicago Cubs, a move he says was due entirely to the fact that ... Continue Reading →

Chicago Cub Chris Carpenter Leads Cardinals to Playoffs

Someone at MLB.com has an evil/great sense of humor. Continue Reading →

Steve Bartman Still Screwing His Way Through Grateful White Sox and Cardinals Fans

Cubs fan Steve Bartman has yet to grant a single interview since his fateful catch of a pop foul over Chicago outfielder Moises Alou played a role in the Cubs losing the 2003 NLCS. ... Continue Reading →

Baby-Holding Man Catches Foul Ball

I bet chicks want to sleep with him. They have in the past, at least. Continue Reading →

Former Major League Doug Glanville Can’t Throw a Baseball

This might be why he's not in the Hall of Fame. Continue Reading →

Umpire Calls a Strike on His Two Balls

Alfonso Soriano ruined the Cubs and this man's ability to procreate. Continue Reading →

Ryan Dempster Does a Good Harry Caray

Like most Cubs, his best talent is something other than baseball. Continue Reading →