VIDEO: Cubs Season Starts Appropriately with a Fastball to the Crotch

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VIDEO: Comcast SportsNet Airs Anatomically-Correct Photo of Chicago Cubs Mascot

Now even reporting on the Chicago Cubs results in failure. Continue Reading →

New Cartoonish Cubs Mascot a Complete Failure in Appealing to 18-34 Demographic

The Chicago Cubs unveiled a new mascot yesterday, Clark, a “young, friendly Cub” who wears a baseball cap backwards and will greet fans as they enter Wrigley Field. It ... Continue Reading →

Chicago Cubs Manager Job Application

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Cubs Fan Dumps Beer on Her Husband

Her husband would deserve that if he played for the Cubs. Continue Reading →

Chicago Loves Its Black Cocks

O. Duya? Continue Reading →

Which last-place MLB team has the best chance to make the playoffs?

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The Coolest Features of 5 MLB Stadiums

Wrigley Field - – – – – Continue Reading →

The Most Chicago Cubs Ending to a Game

Oooh! Oooh! Next game burst into flames! Continue Reading →

Sleeping Guy Ready for Another Season of Exciting Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball

He has his alarm set for 81 wins. Continue Reading →

Man Wastes $10 on Chicago Cubs Bet

He should do a parlay including every other MLB team dying in plane crashes. Continue Reading →

Cubs Hurriedly Preparing Wrigley Field for Opening Day by Clogging Toilets, Increasing Rat Population

With Opening Day rapidly approaching, the Chicago Cubs are putting the finishing touches on historic Wrigley Field so it is prepared for its 99th season of baseball. "There are ... Continue Reading →

Cubs Fan Simulates BJs Behind Home Plate

This was allowed back when BJ Surhoff used to catch. Continue Reading →