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Cubs to Let Position Players Pitch Their Remaining Games

Following the Cubs extra-inning victory Tuesday night in which position player John Baker earned the win pitching in relief – coupled with the knowledge that the rest of the ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: David Ortiz Takes Walk Before Ball Four Even Arrives

When you’re late into your career, you don’t have time to wait around for actual ball four. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: The Cubs Scoreboard Operator Fell Asleep Because Cubs

It’s hard to find a new Most Cubs Thing Ever, but this is right up there. Continue Reading →
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Jeff Samardzija: “It’s comforting to know that pitcher wins are an outdated stat”

Chicago Cubs pitcher Jeff Samardzija has put up Cy Young numbers nearly a third of the way through the season. In 10 starts, he has a 1.46 ERA and 1.09 WHIP and is on pace to log nearly ... Continue Reading →

12 Quotes from the First Game at Wrigley Field in 1914

“It’s been five long years for this city without a World Series title, but I’m sure the boys will pull through and win a championship very soon.”  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Cubs Season Starts Appropriately with a Fastball to the Crotch

Hit in the crotch with fastballs since 1908. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Comcast SportsNet Airs Anatomically-Correct Photo of Chicago Cubs Mascot

Now even reporting on the Chicago Cubs results in failure. Continue Reading →

New Cartoonish Cubs Mascot a Complete Failure in Appealing to 18-34 Demographic

The Chicago Cubs unveiled a new mascot yesterday, Clark, a “young, friendly Cub” who wears a baseball cap backwards and will greet fans as they enter Wrigley Field. It ... Continue Reading →

Chicago Cubs Manager Job Application

  - – - – - Also see … PICTURE: Chicago loves its Black … wait, what? Continue Reading →

Cubs Fan Dumps Beer on Her Husband

Her husband would deserve that if he played for the Cubs. Continue Reading →

Chicago Loves Its Black Cocks

O. Duya? Continue Reading →

Which last-place MLB team has the best chance to make the playoffs?

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The Coolest Features of 5 MLB Stadiums

Wrigley Field - – – – – Continue Reading →