BREAKING: The Blackhawks Had a Lot of Sex During the Regular Season

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Perfect Chicago Blackhawks Wedding

Too bad Jeff Tildethdoouspart is the minors right now. Continue Reading →

Patrick Kane Kicks a Guy in the Crotch with His Skate

It's the most athletic way to get circumcised. Continue Reading →

Mr. T Shoots the Puck at Chicago Blackhawks Game

I pity the hockey team that has Mr. T on it. Continue Reading →

10 Reasons the Chicago Blackhawks SUCK

10. The Blackhawks barely beat anyone Chicago's 21-0-3 record is all smoke and mirrors. They only have a plus-32 goal differential on the season. Their last 10 wins have come ... Continue Reading →

Miami Heat or Chicago Blackhawks: Whose streak is more impressive?

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What are your thoughts on the Chicago Blackhawks’ 16-0-3 start to the season?

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Michael Jordan Continues to Take Bobcats’ Losses Hard

He knows more about hockey than running a basketball team. Continue Reading →

Arizona’s One Hockey Fan is a Moron

He doesn’t know any better. He probably just discovered hockey last week. Continue Reading →

America’s Worst Person is a Phoenix Coyotes Fan

Hockey has given her a great outlet to share the contents of her black, empty soul. Continue Reading →

NHL Releases the Final Batch of "Because It’s The Cup" Playoff Ads

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Tiny Hockey Player Fights Giant Hockey Player1

Spoiler: The giant guy wins. Continue Reading →

The Chicago Blackhawks Holiday Album

"Oh, Hossa Night" is a holiday classic in any language. Continue Reading →