"Jay Cutler Visits The Doctor": A Short Play

*Scene:* A doctor's office exam room. Jay Cutler sits alone. The door opens. [[[chat]]]Dr. Steve: Hi, Jay. How are you today? Cutler: Hi, Dr. Steve. I'm okay. Dr. Steve: ... Continue Reading →

What are your thoughts on Jay Cutler’s injury?

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4 Tribute Songs That Will Make You Hate All 4 Remaining NFL Teams

Chicago Bears: "Hest Is The Best" Sample lyric: Hest is the best, meets the test, you know the man is blessed. Poetic license is fine, but there are limits. You can't ... Continue Reading →

Chicaco is a Creat Town

Co there today. It’s macical. Continue Reading →

Steelers, Jets, Packers, Bears And Their Office Equivalents

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Devin Hester Tribute Song

This is great music to kick return to. Continue Reading →

Fat Bears Fan Gets Naked in the Crowd (SFW Barely, But Not SF Lunch)

He's the host of Bill Swerski's Super Fans Continue Reading →

Who do you want to win the Super Bowl?

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Bears Fans Are Hot

He’s got a neck like Jay Cutler. (via @bubbaprog) Continue Reading →

Is This the End of Brett Favre?

No. He will never go away. It’s a trick! (via mocksession) Continue Reading →

Some Nice Soldier Field Snow Dong

They’re just trying to embarrass Brett Favre. Continue Reading →

Finally You Can Buy Your Own Ditka Sweater Vest

http://www.ditkasweatervest.com/ Maybe this is what Lovie Smith needs for Christmas. Continue Reading →

Punters Getting Laid Out Will Never Not Be Funny

The NFL needs to cut down on the violence. Except violence against kickers and punters. Continue Reading →