Who do you want to win the Super Bowl?

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Bears Fans Are Hot

He’s got a neck like Jay Cutler. (via @bubbaprog) Continue Reading →

Is This the End of Brett Favre?

No. He will never go away. It’s a trick! (via mocksession) Continue Reading →

Some Nice Soldier Field Snow Dong

They’re just trying to embarrass Brett Favre. Continue Reading →

Finally You Can Buy Your Own Ditka Sweater Vest

http://www.ditkasweatervest.com/ Maybe this is what Lovie Smith needs for Christmas. Continue Reading →

Punters Getting Laid Out Will Never Not Be Funny

The NFL needs to cut down on the violence. Except violence against kickers and punters. Continue Reading →

This Guy Doesn’t Think Jay Cutler is Very Mature

Jay Cutler doesn’t think this guy is very mature. Continue Reading →

Jay Cutler will never be a fullback

And I guess it's still undecided if he'll ever be a quarterback. Continue Reading →

Which of the NFL’s three 3-0 teams will remain undefeated the longest?

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That kind of looks like a Bears logo

It also kind of looks like one of the worst hairdos ever. Continue Reading →

A giant Chicago Bears inflatable deflates and dies after being struck by an overthrown Jay Cutler pass.

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49ers safety Michael Lewis raises his hand to politely ask Jay Cutler to throw him an interception, too.

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DRAFT: Matt Forte, RB, Bears

DRAFT: Matt Forte, RB, Bears — Forte was last season's breakout rookie, totaling 1,238 rushing yards, 477 receiving yards and 12 total touchdowns. And this year, with Jay ... Continue Reading →

"Ouch-y. The booing makes my ear parts sad."

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DRAFT: Greg Olsen, TE, Bears

DRAFT: Greg Olsen, TE, Bears — In Olsen's rookie year he had 39 receptions. Last year in his sophomore season he grabbed 54 balls. In 2007 he totaled 391 receiving yards; ... Continue Reading →