Jay Cutler Mocks His Teammates for Wearing Pink Gloves and Shoes

Teammates say Bears quarterback Jay Cutler spent the majority of their Monday night victory over the Dallas Cowboys making fun of them for wearing pink gloves and shoes to recognize ... Continue Reading →

Little Packers Girl is Very Mean to Jay Cutler

He doesn’t cry. He throws tantrums. Big difference. Read a parenting book. Continue Reading →

Jay Cutler Press Conference Face

His respect for the media is evident. Continue Reading →

Jay Cutler Treats His Linemen to $19 Casio Watches

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler treated all five of his linemen to $19 Casio wristwatches Thursday night after his teammates managed to get him through an entire game against ... Continue Reading →

Chicago Bears Stripper Pole Failure

That pretty much captures every Chicago Bears season. Continue Reading →

Jay Cutler’s Singing Will Make Your Ears Die

Good thing he's mediocre at his day job. Continue Reading →

Jay Cutler Not a Fan of Photographers

Pretty tough for a guy with an opposite-of-tough game. Continue Reading →

Jay Cutler: "It’s not okay to mock me for worshipping Satan"

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler said today that his "close, personal relationship with Satan, Prince of Darkness" is not something that should be open to ridicule by ... Continue Reading →

Very Clever Chicago Bears Sign

That’s 14 seconds of dedication right there. Continue Reading →
Mike Martz, Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler Breaks Up with His Center After Bad Snap

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler severed all ties with Bears center Chris Spencer today after a fumbled snap while practicing goal line plays at training camp. After the ball fell ... Continue Reading →

Jay Cutler Went As A Twinkie For Halloween

The soft, creamy filling was his heart. (via KSK) Continue Reading →

Little Girl is Sad the Bears Lost

I want kids who are fans of my team's rival so I can taunt them and make them cry. Continue Reading →

2 QBs Jay Cutler Can Use As Examples To Improve His Image

Dog-killing and sexual assault allegations don’t matter if you’re TOUGH. Continue Reading →