Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader Nearly Gets Smashed

It would be for the best. It's hard to cheer for the Cardinals. (via With Leather) Continue Reading →

CFL Cheerleaders Are The Hottest Cheerleaders

Probably because they wear coats and get overheated. (via @erinnicks) Continue Reading →

Well, At Least Someone Is Having Fun At Dallas Cowboys Games

Do cheerleaders have a no-touch rule? Maybe someone should remind that kid. Continue Reading →

These Coats Are Offensive to Redsikin People!

The Redskins-Cowboys embarrassment rivalry is one of sport’s greatest. Continue Reading →

His Parents Said His Kinesiology Degree Would Never Pay Off

Why is Keanu Reeves sitting on the USC bench? Continue Reading →

This cheerleader really knows how to shake it. And is a dude.

This cheerleader could definitely inspire a defense to be more fierce. Continue Reading →

For St. Patrick’s Day the Clippers dance team performs an Irish dance in which you would have to be really drunk to find them attractive.

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Kick a cheerleader in the head! They like it!

No one supports cheerleader-on-cheerleader violence. But everyone laughs at it. (VIDEO) Continue Reading →

Defense Takes Cheerleaders’ Advice to Push Opponent Back, Way Back

Needing to stop the Panthers on a crucial 3rd-and-short play late in the fourth quarter of New England's 20-10 win on Sunday, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick suddenly heard ... Continue Reading →

A member of the Indiana Pacers’ famed Lazy-Eyed Dancers excites the crowd by making suggestive eye contact with two different fans sitting at opposite

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First Day of Cheerleading Practice Spent Learning to Spell GO

High school cheerleading practice opened this morning at Westgate High in Ormond Park, Ill. and head coach Jennifer Pretian says she will spend the first few days working on fundamentals. "Basic ... Continue Reading →