Worst Cheerleader Ever

She missed full rotation by just 358 degrees. Continue Reading →

The Syracuse Orange Is A Big Perv

Having sex with him is committing plantiality. Continue Reading →

Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader Nearly Gets Smashed

It would be for the best. It's hard to cheer for the Cardinals. (via With Leather) Continue Reading →

CFL Cheerleaders Are The Hottest Cheerleaders

Probably because they wear coats and get overheated. (via @erinnicks) Continue Reading →

Well, At Least Someone Is Having Fun At Dallas Cowboys Games

Do cheerleaders have a no-touch rule? Maybe someone should remind that kid. Continue Reading →

Cheerleaders of Super Bowl XLIV

Who cares about the players! Here are the hottest cheerleaders in Super Bowl XLIV. Continue Reading →

Puzzled cheerleaders at a Buffalo Bills game in Toronto wonder why the fans keep giving them an "Eh."

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