VIDEO: Oklahoma State Cheerleader Tries to Trip Oklahoma Player

Mike Tomlin works Saturdays as an Oklahoma State cheerleader. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Texas Tech Cheerleaders Cheer Team’s Missed Extra Point

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PICTURE: NBC Gets All Up in Denver Bronco Cheerleader’s Crotch

Football. Television. A fat guy in a backwards hat. And gratuitous objectification of women. It’s everything that makes MURICA great. Continue Reading →

Atlanta Hawks Cheerleaders Are as Hopeless as the Atlanta Hawks

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Cheerleader Makes Amazing Half-Court Shot

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When Cheerleading Yearbook Photos Go Wrong

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Ryan Gosling Researching Role as Alabama Cheerleader?

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Young Fan Discovers Women at NBA Game

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The NFL’s Slut Cheerleader Photo Layout

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleader Will Make You Cheer in Fear

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Every Guy Wants a Girl Who Knows How to Handle a Fish

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Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Cake

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Fallen Cheerleader’s Dad is Glad Her Butt isn’t Big

The paramedics on the scene declared her "bangable." Continue Reading →

Worst Cheerleader Ever

She missed full rotation by just 358 degrees. Continue Reading →

The Syracuse Orange Is A Big Perv

Having sex with him is committing plantiality. Continue Reading →

Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader Nearly Gets Smashed

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CFL Cheerleaders Are The Hottest Cheerleaders

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Well, At Least Someone Is Having Fun At Dallas Cowboys Games

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