Caroline Wozniacki as Rory McIlroy is Almost as Terrifying as Rory McIlroy

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Caroline Wozniacki Has Expanded Her Lady Parts

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Caroline Wozniacki Expresses Love of Oxygen in Dance Video

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Carolina Wozniacki Ass Shot

We’ve found a way to increase tennis ratings. Continue Reading →

Caroline Wozniacki’s Tennis Match Dance-Off

It's fun, but tennis matches take significantly longer when they do this between each point. Continue Reading →

Player’s Cell Phone Interrupts Tennis Match

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Caroline Wozniacki and … Jo-Wilfried Tsonga?

Nothing to see here. He’s French. It’s quite normal. Continue Reading →

Caroline Wozniacki Takes One In The Face

This is not really the way many of her male fans imagined it. Continue Reading →

Tweet of the Week

IT'S A TIE!!! From @CaroWozniackiAKA tennis professional Caroline Wozniacki … Enjoying an evening on the couch! But feeling hungry all the time! Not sure if I'm actually ... Continue Reading →

Caroline Wozniacki of Denmark blows kisses to her supporters in the stands, confident US Open security will keep the perverts from getting anywhere ne

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