Cam Newton Sings Justin Bieber

Tom Brady does not care for this flippant rendition. Continue Reading →

Cam Newton’s Birthday Cake Might Belong to Cam Newton

Mmmmm. The Carolina Panthers icing tastes like failure. (via SB Nation) Continue Reading →

Which NFL team had the best draft?

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Panthers to Use the First Pick to Announce That Cam Newton is a Big Jerk

Without a clear No. 1 overall pick in this year's NFL Draft, the Carolina Panthers are hinting they will instead use the spotlight of the first pick to join the parade questioning ... Continue Reading →

Karma Tackles Leon Washington for Taunting Punter

Karma probably also hates his ugly gloves. Continue Reading →

Jimmy Clausen and Tony Pike Caught Making Out

The NFL is ready for gay backup quarterbacks. (via Deadspin) Continue Reading →

And Here’s Jimmy Clausen As Tinky Winky

Eh. The Panthers vets could have humiliated him more by leaving him in his regular clothes. (via @fgunnell) Continue Reading →

Finally. How We’ve Always Wanted To See Jimmy Clausen.

"Whoa. Too hard, bro. Too hard." Continue Reading →

Jimmy Clausen on getting starting job: "Brah. Niiiiiiiice."

Carolina Panthers rookie quarterback Jimmy Clausen was named the team's new starter on Monday by head coach John Fox — a move Fox says he immediately regretted. Continue Reading →

As though Jake Delhomme didn’t do enough to embarrass himself on the field

This Jake Delhomme commercial should also have its contract bought out. (VIDEO) Continue Reading →