PICTURE: Utah Fans Fairly Complimentary with Their BYU Taunting

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Pro Tip: Don’t Run Into a Steeplechase Barrier

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Appropriate BYU Fan Sign

Suggestive signs are apparently not a violation of the honor code. Continue Reading →

Jimmer Fredette Attempts to Dance

His brother thinks he is totally def and rad. What what! Continue Reading →

BYU Fans are the Coolest

That style of dance is actually banned in many parts of Utah. Continue Reading →

Little Kid Utah Fan Hates BYU

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Provo Arby’s Mocks Turnover-Prone BYU

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Provo Overpass: "Osama Got Jimmered!"

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In Utah, Sports Posters Are Still Popular

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Jimmer Fredette Feeling the Pressure to be the White Superstar of the NBA D-League

With his college career at an end and the NBA Draft around the corner, BYU legend Jimmer Fredette admits he is feeling the pressure to become the first white, American basketball superstar ... Continue Reading →

Why Must the People of Wisconsin Hate The Jimmer?

The Cheeseheads have restricted the growth of their brains. Continue Reading →

EXCLUSIVE: TJ Fredette’s Debut Rap Album

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Caffeine-Based Jimmer Fredette Shrine Seems Wrong

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BYU Isn’t The Only NCAA Basketball Program With A Strict Behavior Code

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Brandon Davies’ New Scarlet Letter BYU Jersey

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Vermont and Alaska Think BYU Should Suck It

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BYU Suspends Jimmer Fredette After Photos Surface Of Him With A Pepsi

BYU lost another starting basketball player today — and this time perhaps the greatest player in school history — when the university suspended shooting guard Jimmer Fredette ... Continue Reading →

Jimmer Fredette’s Brother is a Rapper Or at least he calls himself a rapper. Continue Reading →