Bon Jovi’s Letter to Buffalo Bills Fans Was Very Self-Promotional

To Buffalo Bills Fans: Some have said the hopes of keeping the Bills in Buffalo are “Livin’ On A Prayer.” Some have said that moving to Toronto is best for the long-term health ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Dumb Woman Thinks She Met Former Bills QB Jim Kelly

Whoa. Is that Don Beebe behind Jim Kelly?  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: A Season of Buffalo Bills Fans Dunking on Opposing Team Fans

This. This is why the Buffalo Bills still exist. Continue Reading →
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Report: Jets and Bills Considering Murder-Suicide Pact

According to highly placed sources within both the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills organizations, the two moribund NFL franchises are in serious discussions about a murder-suicide pact ... Continue Reading →

Buffalo Bills Center Eric Wood on Injury Report with Boner

Most people think about the Bills to lose one of those. Continue Reading →

The Tickets Sales Approaches of 6 Awful NFL Teams

#1 – The Support Group Approach Be there. Together. Because if you're alone and watch this team, well … let's not even think about it. Their ticket number probably ... Continue Reading →

Shawne Merriman and Donald Trump: A Meeting of the Minds

It’s one of the greatest moments in the history of American douchebaggery. Continue Reading →

Stevie Johnson Mocks Plaxico Burress’ Gunshot Wound

It's funny because Burress lost 2 years of his life thanks to a mayor making an example of him. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Mark Sanchez is Terrified of Contact

Who can blame him. Those cornerbacks hit hard-ish. Continue Reading →

Canadians Digging Through Feces for Buffalo Bills Tickets

On American shows, we compete to take dumps on CFL tickets. Continue Reading →

Realistic Buffalo Bills Newspaper Ad

The No. 1 industry in Buffalo today is psychiatry. Continue Reading →

Are you rooting for the Bills and Lions?

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Winklevoss Twins Take Credit for Ryan Fitzpatrick’s 3-0 Start

Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Buffalo Bills be flying high at 3-0, but their impressive start to the 2011 NFL season is about to get bogged down by a pile of legal briefs. Fitzpatrick's ... Continue Reading →