Richie Incognito Said to Now be Kinder, Gentler, Terrible at Tackle Football

The Buffalo Bills have signed one-time NFL pariah Richie Incognito, after the former Pro Bowl guard convinced the team that he has matured since being released by the Dolphins in 2013 ... Continue Reading →

New Bills Coach Rex Ryan Guarantees Jets Will Win the Super Bowl

Rex Ryan was introduced as the new head coach of the Buffalo Bills on Wednesday and immediately displayed his trademark personality, boldly guaranteeing again that the New York Jets ... Continue Reading →

Bon Jovi’s Letter to Buffalo Bills Fans Was Very Self-Promotional

To Buffalo Bills Fans: Some have said the hopes of keeping the Bills in Buffalo are “Livin’ On A Prayer.” Some have said that moving to Toronto is best for the long-term health ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Dumb Woman Thinks She Met Former Bills QB Jim Kelly

Whoa. Is that Don Beebe behind Jim Kelly?  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: A Season of Buffalo Bills Fans Dunking on Opposing Team Fans

This. This is why the Buffalo Bills still exist. Continue Reading →
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Report: Jets and Bills Considering Murder-Suicide Pact

According to highly placed sources within both the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills organizations, the two moribund NFL franchises are in serious discussions about a murder-suicide pact ... Continue Reading →

Buffalo Bills Center Eric Wood on Injury Report with Boner

Most people think about the Bills to lose one of those. Continue Reading →

The Tickets Sales Approaches of 6 Awful NFL Teams

#1 – The Support Group Approach Be there. Together. Because if you're alone and watch this team, well … let's not even think about it. Their ticket number probably ... Continue Reading →

Shawne Merriman and Donald Trump: A Meeting of the Minds

It’s one of the greatest moments in the history of American douchebaggery. Continue Reading →

Stevie Johnson Mocks Plaxico Burress’ Gunshot Wound

It's funny because Burress lost 2 years of his life thanks to a mayor making an example of him. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Mark Sanchez is Terrified of Contact

Who can blame him. Those cornerbacks hit hard-ish. Continue Reading →

Canadians Digging Through Feces for Buffalo Bills Tickets

On American shows, we compete to take dumps on CFL tickets. Continue Reading →

Realistic Buffalo Bills Newspaper Ad

The No. 1 industry in Buffalo today is psychiatry. Continue Reading →

Are you rooting for the Bills and Lions?

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Winklevoss Twins Take Credit for Ryan Fitzpatrick’s 3-0 Start

Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Buffalo Bills be flying high at 3-0, but their impressive start to the 2011 NFL season is about to get bogged down by a pile of legal briefs. Fitzpatrick's ... Continue Reading →

Bills WR Steve Johnson Has a Nice Birthday Cake

He blames God for his sweet tooth. Continue Reading →

Whew! It’s not a bloody corpse.

From @DraytonFlorence AKA Buffalo Bills defensive back Drayton Florence … – – – – – Here is the lucky traveler, who appears to be a big fan of rap… Continue Reading →

God Responds to @StevieJohnson13 Via Twitter

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson — or @StevieJohnson13 on Twitter — dropped a game-winning touchdown pass on Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers. He then took ... Continue Reading →